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backpack portable laser cleaning machine

100 watt pulsed jpt fiber laser cleaning machine

JPT fiber laser cleaning machine bid farewell to the traditional complex and cumbersome, time-consuming, manual cleaning methods, and welcome a new era of cleaning technology.

Product Paramenters


laser rust removal gun

fiber laser

laser rust removal system

laser paint removal system

laser rust remover gun

paint removal laser gun

welding helmet

laser protective mask

laser goggles

laser safety glasses

fiber optic cable

Professional CNC cutting system

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how pulsed jpt fiber laser cleaning machine works


JPT Fiber Laser Cleaning Machines are cutting-edge solutions designed for precision surface cleaning and preparation. This powerful tool utilizes advanced fiber laser technology to effectively remove rust, paint, oil and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces. Its broad applicability makes it ideal for a range of industries including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, marine and more.

how much does a laser cleaning system cost ?

The price of pulsed jpt fiber laser cleaning machine depends on the selected configuration, wattage, amplitude width of the derusting gun. The general price is 8000-10000 US dollars

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