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2023 How Much does a Laser Cutter Cost ?

As a business owner of an industrial equipment manufacturer, are you worrying about buying a fiber laser cutter, because the cost of a laser cutter on the market ranges from US$14,000 to US$500,000. Due to the power size,fiber laser, configuration, fiber laser cutting system, and thickness of the cut sheet of the laser cutting machine, the price is different.

Now you are planning to purchase a laser cutter for metal, the budget of the machine and how to buy a cheapest metal cutting laser are the issues you are more concerned if you want to purchase the best fiber laser cutting machine, I hope this article can help you.

fiber laser cutter manufacturer
fiber laser cutter manufacturer

What is a fiber laser cutter

Metal laser cutting machines is a kind of CNC cutting equipment that uses laser to efficiently cut metal sheet metal. It has high cutting precision and fast speed, which can save more time and improve work efficiency. It is an indispensable metal cutting equipment in the current industrial market.

Sheet metal laser cutting machine consists of fiber laser, laser cutting head, fiber laser cutting systems, bed, guide rail, rack and other components.

the basic structure of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber optic laser cutter working principle

Fiber laser cutting machines work by using high-powered lasers to melt or vaporize material in a precise manner. The laser beam is generated by the laser source, and then transmitted to the cutting head through the flexible optical fiber cable, and the cutting head performs efficient cutting on the plate according to the graphics provided by the laser cutting system.

At the cutting head, the laser beam is focused through a lens and directed at the material to be cut. Depending on the material and the power of the laser, the intense heat of the laser beam can cause the material to melt, vaporize or burn.

The cutting head is also equipped with a nozzle that blows high-pressure gas, such as nitrogen or oxygen, onto the material being cut. This airflow blows away molten material and helps cool the surrounding area, resulting in a clean and precise cut.

Different types of laser cutters

At present, there are many types of laser cutting machines on the market. Metal laser cutting machines are divided according to power, bed and cutting materials.

  • Power: 1000w laser cutting machine, 2kw laser cutter, 3000w laser cutter, 4000w laser cutter, 6kw fiber laser cutters, 12kw fiber laser cutters
  • Bed: 3015 4020 6015 6020 can be customized
  • Cutting material: laser cutting aluminum, laser for cutting steel, laser cutting stainless steel,Laser Cut Carbon Steel
laser cut carbon steel
laser cut carbon steel

How much does laser cutting cost

The industrial laser cutter price depends on the bed table, power level, laser, cutting head brand, etc. of the laser cutting machine you choose. If you want to find the ideal industrial laser cutting machine manufacturer, this needs to be decided according to your own budget for industrial laser cutting machine price.

If your budget is not enough and you don’t use machine that cuts metal often, you can consider buying cheap laser cutting machine, that is to say, you have used laser cutting equipment, but the post-maintenance cost of the used metal laser cutting machine is very high. High. You need to understand this.

The starting price of a 1000w laser for cutting steel is about US$17,000, the price of 3kw fiber laser cutter can reach US$20,000-60,000, and the price of a high-power 12kw laser cutting machine can be as high as US$100,000-200,000.

The total cost you pay for a CNC laser cutting machine will depend on your specific needs. You should be able to find metal fiber lasers for an affordable price.

fiber laser cutter

What is a laser cutting machine used for

Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in industries such as metal fabrication, aerospace, automotive, and electronics, where precision cutting and high-speed production are critical.

How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine

It is necessary to consider the thickness of the cut sheet metal, the size, the power of the laser, the after-sales service of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, the price of the laser cutting machine, etc.

metal laser cutter factory
metal laser cutter factory

How to laser cut aluminum

Aluminum itself is a highly reflective material. It was relatively difficult for laser cutting machines to cut, but with the continuous innovation of technology, it is now possible to cut aluminum plates.

Clean the surface of the aluminum plate. According to the CNC laser cutting machine set by the laser cutting machine manufacturer, select the appropriate power, focal length and air pressure. According to the laser cutting system settings, the focusing lens adjusts the focus of the laser beam. After the programming is completed, start cutting. The laser beam melts or vaporizes the aluminum while cutting the material, and after the cutting is complete, the surrounding area is cleaned.

laser cut
laser cut

Dowell laser cutting machine manufacturer has been focusing on the production and development of laser equipment for 13 years. The power of laser cutting machine 1000w-300000w can be customized according to customer needs to meet your different working environments. If you want to know more about laser cutting machine information, you can contact us.

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