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2023 Latest Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Guide

A beginner’s guide to the most popular sheet metal laser cutting machine shops.

The development of the industrial market is inseparable from the production and manufacturing of sheet metal, and sheet metal laser cutting machines play a key role in sheet metal processing manufacturers. Laser cutting is the first process of sheet metal processing, which is particularly important.

 6000w 12000w laser cutting equipment

Sheet metal production process

It includes blanking, punching/cutting, sorting, bending, welding, grinding, spraying, packaging, etc., which is a typical long-process production.

3 advantages of sheet metal laser cutting machine:

  1. The sheet metal laser cutting machine can guarantee the cutting efficiency, processing speed, and the loss will be smaller, and the positioning will be faster;
  2. The overall structure of the sheet metal laser cutting machine is compact, and it is safer and more environmentally friendly during operation;
  3. It can be used together with coil material equipment to save time and improve labor efficiency.
metal laser cutting machine exhibition (2)
dowell metal laser cutting machine exhibition

How much does laser cutting metal cost

There are many types of industrial laser cutters, ranging from 1000w-30kw. The sheet metal laser cutting prices are varies according to power, cutting format, price, laser, cutting head, water cooler and other configurations. Generally, the industrial laser cutting machine prices are ranges from US$20,000 to US$30,0000 .

What machine can cut metal aluminum steel

At present, there are 6 types of equipment that can cut metal sheets on the market, such as plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, CNC numerical control machine, band saw, scissors, etc. Now I will give you a detailed introduction.

Plasma cutting machine

Uses high-speed ionized gas jets to cut metal, suitable for relatively thick plates, and the cutting accuracy is not very good.

Laser cutting machine

Uses high-power laser beams to melt and vaporize metals, with high cutting precision and fast speed. It is the equipment with relatively high utilization rate of sheet metal cutting in the market.

metal laser cutter
metal laser cutter factory

Waterjet Cutter

Cuts metal using a high-pressure jet of water mixed with an abrasive material.

CNC machine

The cutting process is controlled by computer programs, equipped with various sawing machines, drilling machines and milling machines to cut metal. It is an efficient production line process, suitable for large-scale assembly line factories, saving labor and improving human efficiency.

Blade Cutting

Toothed saw blades cut large and fast metals


Cutting relatively thin metal sheets, suitable for individuals, family workshops, diy workshops

precision laser cutting machine
precision laser cutting machine
High power laser cutting machine
High power laser cutting machine

Where to buy a sheet metal laser cutting machine

Dowell china cnc laser metal cutting machine factory 13 years focused on the production and development of laser cutting equipment, export, supplier, provide the most affordable laser cutting machine sheet metal, wholesale small precision laser cutting machine, can be customized 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 4kw 6kw laser cutting sheet metal machine cut stainless steel, carbon steel, steel, aluminum sheet, to provide you with the most discounted price in the market.

fiber laser cutting machine manufacture

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