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3 Reasons Why the Slit of Sheet Metal Laser Cutter is too Wide

Laser cutting machine is a very important processing method in the sheet metal processing industry, with the advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency. When metal laser processing, many people always worry about the impermeability of cutting, and sometimes as the equipment is used longer and longer, the accuracy of the equipment will decrease, and the slit of the laser cutting machine is too wide to reach the accuracy required for cutting. . So, what is the reason that the metal laser cutting machine cuts too wide? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the specific reasons, let’s take a look.

sheet metal laser cutting machine
  • First of all, we must first check whether the focal length of the metal laser cutting machine is correct. There are two ways to adjust the focal length of the optical fiber: manual and automatic. Manual focusing is easy to be forgotten by the technicians. Especially after changing or cleaning the lens, adjust the focal length.
  • If there is no problem with the focal length, you can check the lens first. If the lens is stained, there will be cutting problems. Large cuts can be avoided by debugging the equipment. If the lens is not clean, the light will be scattered and the light will become thick. At this time, it is a good choice to check the lens for cleaning or replacement.
  • The placement of the laser tube is also a very important aspect. Check the quality of the laser spot. If there are two spots or the spot is not round, it may be that the support point of the laser tube needs to be adjusted. Many people will ignore this reason. requires attention. The laser cutting machine will often make some mistakes in the process of using it. This requires us to do a good job of maintenance work in order to guarantee the efficient and long-lasting operation of the laser cutting machine and create greater value for users.
sheet metal laser cutter

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