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5 Simple Ways To Clean The Lens Of Laser Cutter

The lens of the laser cutter includes focusing lens, protective lens and so on.
The optical lens in the laser system is a consumable. It is easy to get dirty and easy to get dust. In order to extend the service life of the laser cutter, improve work efficiency, and reduce the cost of use, the lens must be cleaned in strict accordance with this specification.

1530 laser cutting machine

Precautions for cleaning the lens of laser cutter correctly:

1. Be sure to wear finger cots or rubber gloves to install the lens.

2. Sharp instruments are forbidden to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

3. Take the edge of the lens when taking the lens to avoid touching the film. The environment for testing and cleaning the lens must be dry and clean.

4. The workbench must maintain several layers of clean tissue and several clean lenses.

5. Do not speak above the lens, and keep potential contaminants (such as food, beverages, etc.) away from the work environment.

laser cutting machine lens (2)

4 steps to properly clean the lens of the laser cutter:

  1. Blow off the float on the surface of the original part by blowing a balloon.
  2. Use analytical grade acetone to gently clean the lens. The cleaning should be done at one time to avoid wavy ribs.
  3. If acetone cannot remove all the dirt, use acid vinegar to clean it.
  4. When contamination and lens damage cannot be removed and removed, the only way to restore good performance is to replace the lens.
laser cutting machine lens

When using the machine, the lens should be cleaned and operated correctly, so that its life and performance will undoubtedly be significantly improved. This is also one of the ways we guarantee the life and stability of the laser cutter. More prevention and maintenance can make Laser cutter work longer and have higher stability, which brings more benefits to manufacturers.

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