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6 Matters Needing Attention in Layout of Laser Cutting Machine:

Before using the laser cutting machine, we will import the prepared drawings into the program, and then use the layout software to arrange the graphics on a board, so that the laser cutting machine can process the products in batches. The layout is a fiber laser cutting machine. If the layout is incorrect, it will not only reduce the work efficiency and waste the processed materials but also directly affect the cutting effect of the entire processed materials.

6 matters needing attention in the layout of the laser cutting machine:

  • Corner melting: When the corner is cut, it will be slowed down, and a small radius will be generated at the corner to maintain high-speed cutting, avoiding the phenomenon of long cutting time and melting steel plate, so as to obtain good cutting quality and reduce cutting time And increase productivity.
  • Spacing between parts: Generally, when cutting thick plates and hot plates, the spacing between parts should be large, because the heat of the thick plate hot plate has a greater influence. When cutting corners and small graphics, it is easy to burn edges and affect the cutting quality.
  • Lead setting: In the process of laser cutting machine cutting thicker plates, in order to make the slit joint well and prevent the start and end burns, a transition line is often introduced at the beginning and the end of the cutting, which is called lead and tail respectively. The lead wire and tail wire are useless to the workpiece itself, so they should be arranged outside the scope of the workpiece. At the same time, be careful not to set the lead wire in sharp corners and other places where heat dissipation is not easy. The connection between the lead wire and the slotted seam should adopt the arc transition as far as possible to make the machine move smoothly and avoid burns caused by the stop of the corner.
steel plate metal laser cutting machine
  • Co-edge cutting: Co-edge two or more parts into a combination. Large batches of regular graphics should be co-edged as much as possible. Co-edge cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time and save raw materials.
  • Parts collision: In order to maximize production efficiency, many laser cutting equipment operate continuously for 24 hours, and use unmanned automatic loading/unloading devices to hit the tipped parts that have been cut and cause damage to the cutting head. Production is interrupted, which brings great losses. This requires attention when sorting:
    • Choose a suitable cutting path and detour the cut parts to reduce collisions.
    • Choose the best cutting route to reduce cutting time.
    • Automatically or manually combine multiple small parts with micro-connections. After cutting, the removed parts can easily disconnect the micro-connections.
  • Remaining material processing: After the laser cutting machine finishes cutting the parts, the skeleton-like residual material on the worktable of the laser cutting equipment needs to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations. For laser cutting equipment that does not have an automatic unloading device, the skeleton-shaped residual material can be cut into small pieces to facilitate quick removal. Thereby, the personal injury caused by the heavy and sharp-edged remnants of the operator is avoided.

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