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6 Points for Attention When Using CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC fiber laser cutting machine is an essential metal cutting equipment in the production of industrial equipment. The production of industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturing, ship heavy industry, sheet metal processing, etc. can cut complex and changeable graphics. Industrial cnc laser cutting machine has high cutting precision and fast speed, which can improve work efficiency and save labor.

So many friends will encounter many problems when using CNC fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal sheets. The following article will show you how to better use laser metal cutting machine.

sheet metal laser cutting machine

How to operate cnc laser cutting machine

  • Input the cutting graphics we designed into the CNC operating system
  • Use the typesetting software that comes with the system to arrange the graphics on the metal sheet for batch cutting
  • If it is not used correctly at the beginning of the layout, it will cause a lot of waste later
laser cutter metal manufacturers
laser cutter metal manufacturers

Six issues that should be paid attention to in the layout of industrial cnc laser cutting machine:


CNC laser cutting machines require a lot of space. There should be sufficient space around the machine for easy access and maintenance. The space should also allow movement of large sheets of material cut by the machine.


Laser cutting produces fumes and vapors that are harmful to the operator and the environment. Proper ventilation is required to remove these contaminants from the workspace. The fibre laser cutting machine should be located in an area with adequate ventilation and air exchange.

Laser Power:

CNC laser cutting sheet metal machine require a lot of power. The electrical system shall be capable of meeting the power requirements of the machine. It is also important to ensure that the electrical system can handle the additional loads that the machine will place on it.

high power laser
high power laser


Adequate lighting is essential for the operator to see the workpiece and controls clearly. Workspaces should be well lit with a combination of overhead lighting and task lighting.


The layout of the machine should allow easy access to controls and work areas. The operator should be able to reach all controls and the material being cut without exerting force or overreaching.


Safety is paramount when using a cnc fiber laser cutting machine. Workspaces should be designed to minimize the risk of accidents and have clear markings and barriers to prevent unauthorized access. Machines should also be equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction.

In conclusion, the layout of a CNC laser cutting machine is crucial to its efficiency and safety.

metal laser cutter
metal laser cutter

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