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Best Way of How to Cut Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless steel pipes are very common in our daily lives. There are many ways to cut stainless steel pipes on the market. Now let me introduce the best way to cut stainless steel pipes.

square tube laser cutting machine factory

How to cut stainless steel tubing

Grinding wheel cutting machine

The grinding wheel cutting machine can quickly cut stainless steel pipes with high efficiency and can be used for batch cutting.

However, the friction and heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the pressure of the grinder will cause burrs in the tube, requiring secondary processing.

Laser cutting

Laser pipe cutting machine cuts stainless steel square tubing, the processing cost is high, the need to arrange the work place in advance, the investment cost is relatively high, not every factory is suitable, you need to consider your own budget.

laser fiber cutting
laser fiber cutting

Wire cutting

It is a more extensive cutting method. Using wire cutting and fast wire walking, the incision is smooth, burr-free and high-precision.

After wire cutting, the pipe end will change color and needs to be polished later. During the cutting process, the emulsified oil makes the surface of the pipe fittings have oil viscosity, which is not easy to clean. The cutting speed is slow and suitable for small batch production.

Hob chipless cutting tube

The automatic hob pipe cutting machine has only a circumferential cutting edge and no serrations. Rotary feed, the incision is flat and smooth, without iron filings and burrs, and the inner wall is slightly contracted.

Increase the special tooling, improve the shrinkage phenomenon, low equipment cost, cut thin wall stainless steel tubing, there may be tearing phenomenon, resulting in serious deformation of the nozzle.

Electro-hydraulic clamping tool

Electric hydraulic clamping tool, easy to operate, smooth incision, convenient and easy to carry, no burr, is a commonly used cutting method for stainless steel water pipes.

Lathe cutting

The lathe is used to cut very thin-walled stainless steel pipes (wall thickness 0.3 to 0.4 mm). It is recommended to use white steel or front steel knives, which are expensive, have a long service life, and have a very smooth cutting surface.

The degree of automation is low and the labor intensity is high. The cutting efficiency of the modified lathe is greatly improved., The high-speed rotation of the standard 6-meter-long steel pipe may often damage the thin-walled steel pipe.

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