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2023 Cheapest Industrial Laser Cleaning Machine for Sale

Laser cleaning industry is a big market, traditional cleaning methods are diverse, such as manual rust removal, mechanical embroidery removal, chemical treatment, etc.. In recent years, the rise of laser cleaning machine. So what industries are laser cleaning machines suitable for, how much the price of laser cleaning machines, laser cleaning machines are used in which fields, what are the points of laser cleaning machines, this side of the article to tell you.

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What is a laser cleaner?

Laser cleaning equipment has cleaning characteristics such as non-abrasive, non-contact, non-thermal effect and suitable for objects of various materials, which is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution. Laser cleaning can be used to clean not only organic pollutants, but also inorganic materials, including metal rust, metal particles, etc.

What is the working principle of laser cleaning machine?

Fiber laser cleaning machine is mainly through the laser beam on the surface of the product generated by the instantaneous high temperature corrosion ablation of the product surface rust, coating, oil and other surface materials. Laser cleaning machine has a wide range of applications, basically suitable for any industry.

Laser cleaning machine is the use of high energy density of the laser beam irradiation workpiece surface, so that the surface of the dirt, rust or coating instantaneous evaporation or stripping, so as to achieve clean green energy efficient industrial tools, practical applications can be rapid paint, rust removal, removal of oxides, oil, grease and product residues, historical relics restoration and preservation, etc..

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What is the laser cleaning machine price?

Many people who are concerned about fiber laser cleaning machine want to know how much it costs to buy laser cleaning machine in 2023? In fact, the price is affected by many factors, such as power, cleaning materials, the thickness to be cleaned, etc.. Different power cleaning machine price is different, the higher the power the higher the price will be, the general market price of laser cleaning machine in the$7820 – $78200 of ranging.

6 advantages of laser cleaning machine

Compared with mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid solid strong impact cleaning, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning and other traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has obvious advantages.

  • is a “green” cleaning method, without the use of any chemicals and cleaning solutions, cleaning down the waste is basically a solid powder, small size, easy to store, recyclable, can easily solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning;.
  • traditional cleaning methods are often contact cleaning, mechanical force on the surface of the object to be cleaned, damage to the surface of the object or cleaning media attached to the surface of the object to be cleaned, can not be removed, resulting in secondary pollution, laser cleaning of non-abrasive and non-contact so that these problems are solved;.
  • laser cleaning machine can be transmitted through the fiber optic, with robot hands and robots, easy to achieve long-distance operation, can clean the parts not easily reached by traditional methods, which can ensure the safety of personnel when used in some dangerous places.
  • Laser cleaning machine can remove various types of pollutants from the surface of various materials, to achieve a cleanliness that can not be achieved by conventional cleaning. And also can selectively clean the surface of the material without damaging the surface of the material pollutants.
  • laser cleaning machine cleaning efficiency, saving time.
  • Purchase laser cleaning machine although the initial one-time investment is high, but the laser cleaning machine can be used for long-term stability, low operating costs.
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What are the components of laser cleaning machine?

Laser cleaning machine components are laser, handheld handle, scanning lens, housing, software, electronic control, etc.

Application areas of fiber laser cleaning machines

1, metal or glass surface coating layer removal, rapid paint removal.
2、Quickly remove rust, and various oxides.
3、Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, production residues.
4、Metal surface roughening, narrow space metal surface cleaning.
5、Before welding or bonding paint removal, rust removal, oil removal, post-welding oxides, residue treatment.
6, mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic molds, food molds
7, precision parts production and processing after oil removal
8, nuclear power components maintenance of rapid cleaning
9, aerospace weapons, ship production or maintenance process of oxide treatment, paint removal, rust removal
10、Relicacy cleaning, rock cleaning, building exterior surface cleaning

What are the types of laser cleaning machines?

There are many types of laser cleaning machines, and many methods of laser cleaning. For different metal materials and different stains, you can choose different laser cleaning methods according to the actual situation.

Laser cleaning mechanism can be summarized as four aspects: laser vapor decomposition, laser stripping, thermal expansion of dirt particles, substrate surface vibration and particle vibration; and laser cleaning is often the result of multiple mechanisms at the same time.

1.Laser dry cleaning method.

That is, the use of pulsed laser direct radiation purification. The laser generated by the laser can be focused through the optical system to achieve a high degree of energy concentration. The focused laser beam can produce thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees near the focal point, instantly evaporating or decomposing the adherents on the surface of the object.

2.Laser + liquid film method.

That is, a layer of liquid film is deposited on the surface of the aggregate first, and then the liquid film is blasted and purified by laser.

3.Laser + inert gas method

That is, after laser irradiation of the workpiece surface, the dirt is stripped from the surface, and the inert gas is used to blow away the dirt to avoid re-pollution and oxidation of the clean surface.

4.Laser + non-corrosive chemical method

First irradiate the surface of the workpiece with laser, and then decontaminate it with non-corrosive chemical method after the dirt is loosened. Only art works use this method.

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How to choose the best laser cleaning machine?

About where to buy laser cleaning machine, if you want to go to buy this kind of equipment, you can directly look for the manufacturer to buy it, looking for the manufacturer is a best way to buy. There are many people may feel less able to understand, do not know why to find the manufacturer.

1, the reason to find the manufacturer to buy, mainly because to find the manufacturer to buy can make people feel more at ease some.
2, in looking for manufacturers to buy before, some manufacturers can apply for free samples, manufacturers will also be based on the customer’s situation to choose a suitable product application of the machine, in terms of product quality can be more certain guarantee.
3, generally when we look for manufacturers to buy will be more worried about the quality of this aspect of the problem, if the quality is not able to get a certain guarantee, it will make people feel less acceptable, may be worried about the use of the process of problems, directly to the manufacturer to buy basically do not need to worry about the quality, because the manufacturers are able to ensure the quality of the product is now basically a certain warranty period, the manufacturer will also send technical personnel to repair. Manufacturers will also send technical personnel to repair, they can also be seen.
4, some manufacturers will also be customized production according to the special circumstances of customers to meet customer needs and meet customer standards.
5, when the customer has purchased the machine, the manufacturer will also arrange for technical advisers to visit the home to learn how to use.

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