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2023 Cheapest Industrial Metal Laser Cutter for Sale

Are you hobby laser cutting machine or want to purchase the most affordable metal laser cutting machine, industrial market for stainless steel, carbon steel, material plate, aluminum plate, brass and other metal materials need metal laser machine cutting machine, learn about the best metal laser cutting machine for industrial use in 2023, find the cheapest laser cutting machine manufacturer, DOWELL laser will provide you with the cheapest CNC metal laser cutting machine and provide the laser cutting machine equipment customization service using your cutting needs.

How does a metal laser cutting machine work?

The energy of the laser is concentrated in the form of light into a high-density beam. The laser beam is transmitted to the working surface, generating enough heat to melt the material, and a high pressure gas coaxial to the beam removes the molten metal directly for the purpose of metal cutting.

What is a metal laser cutter?

The metal laser cutting machine is suitable for sheet metal, carbon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and tube cutting tools and is the best sheet metal cutting solution for the sheet metal processing industry.

What are the components of a laser metal cutting machine?

The components of the laser metal cutting machine include fiber laser, laser cutting head, bed, water cooling system, CNC operating system, control panel, lens, servo motor, auxiliary gas, etc.

the basic structure of fiber laser cutting machine

What are the types of fibre laser cutting machines

  • Metal laser cutting machine also known as fiber laser cutting machine, according to the type of cutting to be divided into metal cutting special fiber laser cutting machine, non-metal cutting special CO2 laser cutting machine, cutting wood laser cutting machine for wood
  • According to the different metal materials can also be divided into carbon steel laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, stainless steel laser cutting machine, brass laser cutting machine, aluminum laser cutting machine, galvanized sheet laser cutting machine
  • According to the type of material to be cut, there are flatbed laser cutting machines for cutting flat sheets, laser tube cutting machines for cutting metal tubes, and plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine for cutting both flat sheets and tubes.
  • Laser cutting machine according to the bed: single platform laser cutting machine, exchange table laser cutting machine, large surround laser cutting machine
fiber laser cutter type

Parameters of fiber laser cutting machine

Model DW3015,DW4015,DW4020,DW4020,DW6020,DW6025,DW8025,DW12025
Laser Power Fiber Laser
Laser Type500w,1000w,1500w,2000w,3000w,4000w,6000w,8000w,12000w,15000w,20000w
Cutting MaterialStainless steel, carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, brass, galvanized plate, sheet metal
Fiber LaserRaycus, Ipg, Fiber, Reci, etc.
Cutting HeadCypcut, Weihong
Cutting SystemHanli, S&A, Tongfei
Gear RackTaiwan stable, YYC
Servo Power SupplyFuji, Panasonic

What are the uses of laser metal cutting machines?

Laser metal cutting machines are used in a wide range of industries such as mechanical engineering, kitchenware, sheet metal processing, automotive manufacturing, electrical appliances, advertising, household appliances, lift manufacturing, fitness equipment, ships, decoration and other processing industries.

Difference between laser metal cutting machines and cnc machining

  • Laser metal cutting machines use a laser beam from a laser generator, which is focused on a high power density laser beam irradiation condition through an external circuit system. The laser heat is absorbed by the workpiece material and the temperature of the workpiece rises dramatically. After reaching the boiling point, the material begins to vaporise and holes are formed, which eventually create slits in the material as the beam moves relative to the workpiece.
  • The process parameters (cutting speed, laser power, gas pressure, etc.) and the trajectory of movement during slitting are controlled by the CNC, and the slag at the slit is blown away by an auxiliary gas at a certain pressure.
  • When laser cutting metal, an auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut is also added.
  • When cutting steel, oxygen must be used as an auxiliary gas, which reacts exothermically and chemically with the molten metal to oxidise the material and at the same time helps to blow away the slag in the cut. For machining highly accurate metal parts, nitrogen can be used as an auxiliary gas in industry.
laser cutting machine laser head

How much does a metal fiber laser cutter price?

Many customers want to buy the cheapest price of fiber laser cutting machine when they buy fiber laser cutting machine.

Because the brand of the laser of the fiber laser cutting machine is different, the cutting head, the control system, the accessories, etc. are different, so the price is different. The price of the metal laser of DOWELL laser ranges from 15,000 US dollars to 150,000 US dollars. Laser cutting The price of the tube machine ranges from US$27,000 to US$90,000. If you want to purchase a laser cutting machine in China, the price should include taxes, freight, etc.

Metal Laser Cutters for Sale

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