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China high power laser systems cl 1000 price

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DOWELL cl1000 rust removal, Pulsed laser, high power laser systems on the market, suitable for industrial large area paint removal, rust removal, large mold cleaning and weld treatment.


CL 1000 laser cleaner has the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, and energy saving, but it also needs to pay attention to the disadvantages of higher cl1000 laser cost, potential safety hazards, and restrictions on workpiece materials. In practical applications, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors and choose a rust removal method that suits you.

China cl 1000 laser cleaner

high power laser systems cl 1000


cl 1000 laser rust remover for sale is used to remove rust from metal profiles with the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, economy and safety. It can quickly and completely remove the rust layer on the surface of metal profiles and restore the smoothness and brightness.

cl 1000 lazer will not cause pollution to the environment and human health, and meets modern environmental protection requirements. It has low operating costs and long-lasting cleaning effects, saving subsequent maintenance and cleaning costs.

The laser rust removal cleaning machine is simple to operate, safe and reliable, improving work efficiency and operator safety. Therefore, laser system cl 1000 is an ideal solution for rust removal of metal profiles.

How is laser system cl 1000 price

Dowell laser system cl 1000 price is currently around 80,000 dollars, the specific size of the laser, configuration, system to determine.


Paint removal, rust removal, oil stain removal, graffiti removal, oxidation layer removal, etc.

Automobile manufacturing industry: In the automobile manufacturing industry, laser rust removal equipment can be used to efficiently remove rust from the engine, chassis, body and other parts to improve the appearance and quality of the vehicle.

Shipbuilding industry: In the shipbuilding industry, laser rust removal equipment can easily handle various complex structures, such as ship hulls, internal components, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance of ships.

Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, laser rust removal equipment can be used to remove rust inside reactors, pipelines, equipment, etc., to improve equipment efficiency and reduce safety hazards.

Aerospace industry: In the aerospace industry, laser rust removal equipment can accurately treat the internal structures of important equipment such as aircraft and rockets to ensure safety performance.

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