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The Difference Between CNC Router Vs Laser Cutter

There are many types of laser cutting machines and CNC routing on the market. Faced with so many devices, how to choose? What’s the difference between CNC Router Vs Laser Cutter? This article will take you through in-depth learning.

cnc router vs laser cutter
cnc router vs laser cutter


CNC wood router machines and laser cutting machines are both CNC machine tools, but their functions are different.

CNC wood router machine, also known as engraving and engraving machine, is mainly used for three-dimensional engraving, plane engraving, groove engraving, graphic engraving and mold processing on soft and hard materials.

Laser cutting machines are mainly used to cut plates and pipes, and can cut on metal, wood, plastic, leather, acrylic and other non-metallic materials.

Cutting method:

CNC routing uses high-speed rotating tools for engraving, and the tools can be replaced according to different materials and processing needs.

laser cutting uses laser or plasma to cut with high efficiency and precision.


The cnc router cutting machine is suitable for fine processing fields such as crafts, billboards, signs, seals, jade, and Buddha statues. It is especially widely used in gift production, woodworking furniture, nesting, handicrafts, etc.

Solid wood doors, paint-free doors, all wood furniture carving, cutting, panel furniture, audio, screens, advertising industries, etc. It is suitable for mass production. If it is long, it can also be mass-produced. Compared with manual labor, the machine has the advantage of being fast and accurate. The next order is to make the whole batch of goods exactly the same, just wait for the staff to change the materials after the carving is done.

Laser cutting machines are mainly suitable for cutting non-metallic materials such as metal, wood, stone, and plastic.

Crafts, cutting acrylic, carving crystal characters, shells, coconut shells, horns, lampshades and other small handicrafts processing. It doesn’t mean that the things carved by the laser machine are smooth, but it depends on what material you use. The wood carved by the engraving machine is not rough, it mainly depends on the quality of the wood. If the laser machine cannot cut the wood, the laser will blacken the wood.


The price of a woodworking router is cheaper than a laser cutting machine, because lasers are high-precision equipment and are relatively more expensive.

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