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Are You Worried About These Problems When Buying a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Are you worried about these issues when you buy a fiber laser cutting machine?

Today, the development of the Internet and mobile communications has reduced the communication barriers between people. You can see the world without leaving home. You can understand the principle, use, operation, maintenance, etc. of the fiber laser cutting machine without leaving home. But choosing a CNC laser cutting machine usually makes people hesitate, worry about whether the purchase price is too high, worry about being cheated, worry about product quality, worry about service life, worry about after-sales problems, worry about distance problems.

These problems also explain the desire to buy a fiber laser cutting machine. Shopping with integrity is not about waiting for others to buy. Therefore, DOWELL Laser tries to analyze and answer the inner monologues of CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers based on customers’ concerns, so that both parties can understand each other and promote mutual benefit.

According to its mechanism, laser cutting can be divided into vaporization cutting, melting cutting, laser oxygen-assisted melting cutting, and controlled fracture cutting.
fiber laser cutting machine

Worried about the high price of CNC laser cutting machine?

No one’s money fell from the sky. All this is hard work. No matter how much you spend, you don’t want to spend the wrong money. You have to be careful about price issues, you need to clarify product requirements and your own cost budget.

Customers can ask more, no matter the price or product information, you can compare them, but no matter how you compare, you will always find that the fiber laser cutting machine is more expensive than the DOWELL laser and cheaper than the DOWELL laser.

CNC laser cutting machine workshop
CNC laser cutting machine workshop

How to choose, everyone has a weighing pole in his heart, and he will evaluate it. What we want to say is that our DOWELL laser technicians are talking about integrity and making a certain profit, rather than making huge profits. Choosing us, we will provide quality products and services, and we will not let customers who believe in us lose their economic benefits.

Worried about being deceived?

Customers worry about being deceived in two ways. One is that they are worried that the price is too high, and the other is that they did not get the goods or defective products. The problem of excessive prices has been discussed above, but another problem is relatively easy to solve.

laser cutting machine

Customers can choose to pay a deposit or watch the delivery payment on site, and they need to have a contract and proof of payment. Don’t produce some cheap nonsense because you don’t sign a contract and don’t have an invoice, don’t be greedy. In case the equipment behind is damaged, it is easy to cause no one problem. Those who need a one-time payment are nothing more than selling equipment at a low price, remote teaching or on-site teaching, etc.

Customers can also choose this way. If you have time, you can go to the site to see, learn and watch the delivery. The problem is that the contract must be signed and stored properly.

Worried about product quality, service life, after-sales service, and distance?

Now, product quality has become homogeneous in the Chinese market. Unless the manufacturer’s prices are to be lowered, some unscrupulous businessmen are beginning to want to replace products of different brands with crooked hearts. Under reasonable price conditions, CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers will always be honest. , Talking about word-of-mouth, talking about brands, manufacturers selling with a hammer will not last long.
The life of a CNC plasma cutting machine is actually related to product quality. The theoretical time is 100,000 hours. It can be used for more than ten years, but the actual service life is about seven or eight years. Of course, some of our early school customers have used it for more than ten years. It depends on the environment and whether it is used correctly.

6000w fiber laser cutting machine

A fiber laser cutting machine is a piece of stable and maintenance-free equipment. Of course, it will be damaged due to some objective or subjective conditions. The probability of damage depends on the repair rate of each manufacturer. Manufacturers with high maintenance rates are open all year round. How do we develop on the road of after-sales or disputes with customers? Therefore, the method adopted by our DOWELL laser is to select reasonable and high-quality spare parts to serve customers to minimize after-sales risks. While improving customer satisfaction, it also reduces the company’s personnel maintenance costs and achieves a win-win situation.

DOWELL laser cutting machine manufacturer

Of course, our DOWELL lasers also encountered customer equipment problems that needed to be repaired. We will communicate with customers as soon as possible to determine the problem. If on-site service is required, we will arrive at the site.

Finally, I recommend to everyone that DOWELL Laser has a 12-year research and development team dedicated to laser cutting equipment, operating fiber laser cutting machines, laser tube cutting machines, plate and tube integrated laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, and other laser equipment. If you are interested in our products, you can consult us

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