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DOWELL Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine ( also known as laser descaling machine,fiber laser cleaning machine, laser rust removal machine, handheld laser cleaner ) is a handheld laser cleaner equipment and a new type of high-tech machine for surface cleaning. It can work without chemical reagents, medium dust and water.

What is hand held laser cleaner

Continuous handheld laser cleaner (laser descaling machine, laser rust removal machine, hand held laser rust remover) is a high-tech product used for metal surface treatment. Refers to the use of a high-power density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, so that the dirt, rust or coating on the surface can be evaporated or peeled off immediately, thereby realizing the cleaning process. It can remove rust, dust, oxide, oil and other pollutants as well as paint, metal, stains, dirt, opaque glass, stone or concrete coating.

The fiber laser rust removal is easy to install, operate and realize automation. Simple operation, no chemical reagents, no media, no dust, no water can be cleaned when the power is turned 

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Technical Parameters

Model                      1000w / 1500w / 2000w laser rust removal
Laser power(w)1000w/1500w/2000w
Maximum single pulse energy(mj )10/12.5/25
Fiber length(m)10/10/15
Cleaning width(mm)80

Advantages of handheld cleaning laser

1. Non-contact cleaning without damaging the parent material

2. Precise location and specific size cleaning, high efficiency and good surface cleanliness

3. No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly

4. Compact and independent, you can move it to any place you need, or use it with a robotic arm to achieve automatic cleaning

5. Interchangeable objective lens, adjustable focal length, wider cleaning range

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continuous laser cleaning machine VS Pulse laser cleaning machine

CompareCW LaserCompare Pulse Laser
Power1000w /1500w /2000w100w /200w /300w / 500w
Scanning width1-300mm1-2300mm
Laser moderust removal mainlydegreasing/paint removal
Machine power6000W3000W
ConsumablesProtective lensNone
Laser linearsingle mode4 types

Features of fiber laser rust removal

laser cleaning system

Control Panel

Intelligent control panel, multiple languages can be set, call at any time

laser chiller

Laser Chiller

Intelligent control, adaptive cooling and heating dual temperature adjustment, separate cooling of cleaning head and laser, stable laser output, fast energy saving



Stable, high efficiency, energy saving, good experience, low cost

Continuous fiber laser metal cleaner machine Scope of application

Used for laser paint removal, laser degreasing, laser oxide removal, laser screw cleaning, laser rust removal, laser weld cleaning.

Used in shipbuilding, auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, tire molds, rails, environmental protection industries and other industries.

dowell laser cleaning factory

DOWELL industrial laser cleaning machine factory With 10 years of manufacturing experience, this factory has become a leader in the industry in China. His high-quality products have been exported to countries all over the world, including the United States, Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Europe. The factory’s commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction has made us a trusted source for laser cleaning machines.

dowell laser cleaning machine

DOWELL laser cleaning machine suppliers can OEM ODM laser cleaning machine equipment according to customer needs, if you want a large number of wholesale continuous laser cleaning machines, you can consult us or provide your drawings, we have professional designers to customize, we can provide you with The most competitive handheld laser cleaning machine price on the market.

Walk into DOWELL laser cleaning machine manufacturer

The employees at Dowell fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Manufacturers are a dedicated and passionate team. They have worked tirelessly to create the best and most innovative laser cleaning machines available today. From the skilled technicians who assemble the machines to the friendly customer service representatives who assist customers, every member of the Dowell Laser team is dedicated to quality and excellence. Whether you are a business owner looking for reliable laser cleaning solutions or a technician looking for help with your machine, the people at Dowell Laser are here to help.

Machine delivery process

Our products are tightly packed before shipment to ensure the safety of each shipment. We have experienced personnel who can choose the most suitable transportation method for different customers before the goods are shipped, saving your cost and ensuring the safety of the goods.

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