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Features about China Shenzhen Qilin Laser Welding Head

Shenzhen Qilin handheld laser welding head has completed industrial double pendulum.

Advantages of qilin laser welding head:

  1. Solve the problem that the laser welding point cannot be adjusted and the laser infinitely expands the fiber core diameter.
  2. Smart display switching mode is fast and easy.
  3. Solving problems such as labor difficulty and technical threshold, production efficiency will increase by more than 5 times!
  4. There is no need to spend any time and energy on training workers. Generally, they can be fully proficient after a short training.
qilin double swing welding head


  • Convenient and fast, no need to install other plug-in software
  • It can perfectly carry the robot, looks “tall”, but the operation is quite “down-to-earth” and easy to understand
  • The only welding head on the market with 6 dot patterns
  • It can realize a variety of lighting modes such as point, line, circle, round triangle, and figure eight.
  • LCD screen display, independent button control, can work completely offline, can swing after power on
  • Furthermore, the width, frequency, and manner of the swing can be easily and quickly adjusted.
laser welding strength
laser welding strength

Laser welding gun Qilin system VS Raytools

FeatureLaser Welding Gun Qilin SystemRaytools Welding Gun System
Automation for WeldingYes, capable of automatic weldingNo, requires manual operation
Welding QualityHigh precision and qualityLower quality compared to laser system
CostHigher cost due to advanced technologyLower cost, suitable for budget-conscious projects
Production EfficiencyHigh efficiency, especially for mass productionMay be slower, especially for larger volumes
Labor CostsReduced as automation decreases the need for laborHigher as manual labor is required
Suitable Batch SizeIdeal for large batch productionMore suitable for small batch production

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Laser welding machine QILIN system VS Raytools price

The Raytools system is a series of laser welding guns. It has an integrated design, a unique reducer structure, and stable processing performance. It is suitable for the production of small batches of parts and the price is between 1,600-2,500 US dollars.

The Raytools system is a type of laser welding gun. It is easy to operate, highly flexible, and can be used for long-term continuous operations. The price is between 2,000-3,000 US dollars.

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