Five Features about China Shenzhen Qilin Laser Welding Head

Shenzhen Qilin handheld laser welding head has completed industrial double pendulum, handheld double pendulum, robot intelligent double pendulum, and so on. It solves the problem that the laser welding spot cannot be adjusted and the problem of unlimited expansion of the fiber core diameter by the laser. The smart display conversion mode is fast and simple. In terms of labor difficulties, technical thresholds, and other issues, the production efficiency will increase by more than 5 times! There is no need to spend any time and energy to train the workers, generally, after a short training, they can be fully skilled.

qilin double swing welding head
  • Convenient and fast, no need to install other plug-in software
  • It can carry the robot perfectly, it looks “tall”, but the operation is quite “grounded”, simple and easy to understand
  • The only welding head on the market with 6 spot modes
  • Able to achieve multiple light emission modes such as dots, lines, circles, circular triangles, and horoscopes
  • LCD screen display, independent button control, can work completely offline and can swing after power on
  • Moreover, the width, frequency, and mode of the swing can be adjusted simply and quickly.
laser welding machine products

We are a manufacturer of laser cutting equipment in China. We have 12 years of manufacturing experience. The main business of the company is:

  1. Fiber laser cutting machine
  2. Laser pipe cutting machine
  3. Sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine
  4. Laser welding machine
  5. Laser cleaning machine
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