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Laser Cutting Manufacturers About How to Laser Cut Metal

With the rapid development of the metal processing field, laser cutting technology is also developing continuously, which has brought rapid development to the development of the industrial market. So at the same time, how to laser cut metal has always been a topic of concern to corporate procurement and business owners, the advantages of laser cutting, cutting materials, cutting process and future development trends and so on.

How metal laser cutting equipment works

Laser Cutting Advantages and Disadvantages

Laser Cutting Advantages

The effect of traditional metal cutting is not very satisfactory in terms of precision, and the processing speed is slow, the procedure is cumbersome, and the material waste is serious. Metal laser cutting machine can achieve high-precision fast cutting in a short period of time.

Laser cutting does not touch the surface of the workpiece, so it will not cause damage, and can cut any image without limitation, reducing material loss to the greatest extent.

Laser cutting disadvantages

Excessive heat when laser cutting metal may cause deformation or warping of the material;

Brass and aluminum are highly reflective materials, so it is necessary to choose a suitable laser so as not to affect the cutting.

cheapest metal cutting laser machine
cheapest metal cutting laser machine

Fiber laser cutting material

Laser cutting materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass. In addition, the power of metal cutting is related to the size and thickness of the metal sheet and the cutting parameters.

At present, the laser cutting power on the market ranges from 1kw to 60kw, and each fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer has different configurations, so the price will be different.

Laser Cutting Application

Metal laser cutting equipment is widely used in automotive manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising industry, kitchen elevator automobile manufacturing, aerospace field, jewelry design, agricultural machinery production, precision equipment and other fields.

car manufacturer
car manufacturer

Fiber Laser Cutting Process

1. Preparatory stage

First of all, keep the surface of the cutting plate clean to ensure the cutting quality. The four corners of the board are fixed by the utensils to prevent the board from being too thin and warped, so as to ensure the accuracy of cutting.

2. Laser Setup and Calibration

Different types of laser cutting equipment have different power, intensity and focal length during the cutting process, so they need to be calibrated in advance to obtain the best cutting effect.

3. Selection of cutting parameters

Select the corresponding cutting speed and frequency according to the material, thickness and cutting quality of the plate.

4. Laser cutting operation

Tube bundle focus and movement. There are also auxiliary gases used, oxygen, nitrogen and argon to achieve a clean and smooth cutting surface.

5. Quality

Monitor the cutting process in real time and check whether the cutting edge and surface are smooth.

china fitness equipment pipe cutting machine
china fitness equipment pipe cutting machine

Precautions for laser cutting metal operation

Pay attention to safety protection when working with laser cutting operator jobs. Laser cutting machine training must be carried out before taking up the job, and the equipment must be operated correctly, and laser protective glasses and protective masks should be worn to avoid pollution.

Regularly inspect the laser cutting system. Cleaning of optical lenses of various laser cutting accessories, calibration of cutting heads and inspection of equipment for wear, etc. The accuracy of the CAD file and whether the nesting software can operate normally, so as to avoid affecting the efficiency of laser cutting.

Trends in Metal Laser Cutting Equipment

The future development of the metal laser cutting system is immeasurable, especially in the future automated production of laser cutting coils, loading and unloading, cutting, welding and other laser production line collaboration methods will greatly reduce manual workload and improve automation processes. Future industrial business owners It will greatly save labor costs.

metal fiber laser cutting machine
metal fiber laser cutting machine

How to Buy a Laser Cutter

For business owners looking to increase productivity quickly, a metal laser cutter is a worthwhile investment.
Before buying a metal laser cutting system, you must first understand the material to be cut, the thickness of the cut, the required power, and the configuration requirements of the laser cutting machine. In this way, it is relatively convenient and time-saving when you consult fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers about the price.

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