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h shaped steel laser cutting machine


The advent of the section steel laser cutting machine has replaced the traditional manual and semi-automatic blanking methods, which improves the work efficiency and reduces labor costs. It reduces the problem of wide slits and waste of materials in plasma cutting machines.

One-stop efficient solution for cutting, locking, beveling, marking and marking.The equipment adopts three-dimensional six-axis five-linkage technology, which can realize 45-degree bevel cutting.

Structural steel laser cutting machine is a laser cutting equipment specially for channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, H-beam, L-beam cutting. Cutting, punching, marking, scribing, bevel cutting, etc. can be performed on the workpiece.

H Shaped Steel Laser Cutting Machine Features:

steel structure laser cutting machine Specification

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Structural steel laser cutting machine is a laser cutting equipment specially designed for cutting channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, H-shaped steel, and L-shaped steel. The workpiece can be cut, punched, marked, scribed, beveled, etc.

laser cutting table bed

Open structure double-station design saves loading and unloading time.Large format, convenient for transportation, clamping materials and reducing the impact of cutting heat on the bed. After the bed is welded, it is annealed, roughed, secondary aged and finished.


The beam adopts a lightweight welded structure, with more stable cutting accuracy and longer mechanical life. The entire beam is roughed after annealing to eliminate stress, and then finished after secondary aging.

3D five-axis motion device

Specially designed for 3D five-axis profile cutting, it can perform two-dimensional rotation, the A-axis performs 360-degree rotation, the C-axis performs 180-degree rotation, AC rotation, high efficiency and high precision, and realizes machine learning.

Z-axis device

Three-dimensional six-axis five-linkage technology, ultra-high efficiency。High-strength aviation aluminum profiles undergo aging treatment to ensure the required strength, lightweight, and better acceleration of the equipment. A balancing cylinder is added next to it to ensure more stability during cutting.

BCW profile scanner

BCW400B profile scanner + steel cutting system. Intelligent scanning of steel deformation and real-time compensation to solve steel precision problems.

TEKLA software

TEKLA software supports multiple languages, simple operation, easy to use,Seamless integration with Tekla Over welding hole processing,loop nesting,interference protection

product effect

The steel structure laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting and bending steel pipes, connecting steel pipes and steel plates, assembling and assembling steel components. In addition, it can achieve high-precision and high-efficiency manufacturing processes in shipbuilding, improving the quality and performance of ships. .

The cutting and processing of steel in industrial equipment manufacturing can meet the needs of various industries for industrial equipment.

h shaped steel structure
laser cut angle steel
laser cutting structure steel2
laser cutting structure steel1

Production Cutting Efficiency Calculation

Profile specification 340*250 (maximum cutting 3500MM, single-sided and double-sided bevel cutting, welding holes, web special-shaped cutting.

steel structure laser cutting machine3

Acceptance process

1. The foundation of the whole machine should meet the requirements of foundation installation.
2. There is no large impact source around the machine.
3. All welding seams of the machine must not have welding defects such as cracks, pores, slag inclusions, etc.
4. All moving parts of the machine must not be loose or stuck
5. All terminals and components in the electrical box must not be loose.
6. Check whether all safety protection devices are sensitive and reliable.
7. Check that all air supply lines must not leak (soap liquid inspection method).
8. The grounding of the machine must be good.

steel structure laser cutting machine2
steel structure laser cutting machine1

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