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How Big a CNC Laser Pipe Cutting Machine is needed for a 10mm stainless steel pipe?

With the continuous progress of industrial intelligent production, the development prospects of fiber laser cutting machines are getting better and better. In the pipe cutting industry, metal laser pipe cutting machines have already become the only favorite laser cutting processing of metal materials in the modern era. Fiber laser cutting equipment can make the appearance of metal material production smoother and more beautiful, and guarantee the power faster.

Laser pipe cutting machine

Many customers often ask the multi-dimensional editor “If you want to cut 10mm stainless steel pipe, how much power do you need to choose a metal laser pipe cutting machine?” or “I buy a 1000W metal laser pipe cutting function fiber laser Do you cut 10mm stainless steel pipe?”

For example, the above situation is basically asked every day, so the question is: What about the output power of the metal laser pipe cutting machine for 10mm stainless steel plates?

What is a laser pipe cutting machine?

The laser pipe cutting machine uses a fiber laser generator to derive a high-efficiency energy density laser beam, and converge it on the surface of the product workpiece so that the area on the product workpiece that is directly illuminated by the very fine focus light spot melts and vaporizes instantly, using a CNC mechanical system Move the position of the light spot to achieve automatic fiber laser cutting.

metal laser cutting sheet
metal laser cutting sheet

What power metal laser pipe cutting machine is used to carry out fiber laser cutting?

If the stainless steel pipe you cut by fiber laser is within 10mm, you can follow the 3000w metal laser pipe cutting machine. The machines and equipment that achieve this power basically guarantee the accuracy and power of fiber laser cutting. If you use a 1500W laser tube cutting machine with fiber laser to cut 10 mm stainless steel, fiber laser cutting is also possible, but the power of fiber laser cutting is particularly slow. The accuracy is also a certain interference. If you need to use fiber laser to cut the steel pipe will be a metal plate of about 10 mm ± 2mm. For Multidimensional Laser, we recommend that you follow more powerful machines and equipment. About 4000W machinery and equipment can meet your requirements.

Is the power of the metal laser pipe cutting machine the greater the better?

However, it is not. It meets your specific requirements and is based on your daily needs. Selecting a reasonable area is the most cost-effective solution for fiber laser cutting.

Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen

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