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How Is Lightweld 1500 Price cost

With the rapid development of the laser welding market, especially after the advent of ipg photonics lightweld 1500, many welding machines have been launched on the market. The lightweld 1500 price has always been a topic of concern. Below, DOWELL laser will introduce it to you.

Light weld 1500 is favored by business owners because of its simple operation, convenient use, easy operation, and no need to obtain a welder certificate.

lightweld 1500 laser welder video

What is lightweld 1500 laser welder

Lightweld is a new portable and lightweight laser welding equipment developed by German ipg company. It has fast welding speed and simple operation, which has driven the rapid development of the laser welding field. Invented the world’s first ipg photonics lightweld 1500.

At present, ipg lightweld on the market is the earliest brand of lightweld handheld laser welding system, which belongs to German companies. The light welders produced by their family have always been favored by customers’ business owners.

how much does a lightweld 1500 price

The lightweld laser welder price on the market is about 4500 US dollars. The configuration of each lightweld 1500 laser welding system company is different, and the price is different. This requires customers to purchase according to their own needs.

Our lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding system has been exported to australia, canada, south africa, philippines, india, malaysia and other countries.

lightweld 1500 laser welding system (1)

lightweld handheld laser welding system parameter :

Laser power: 1500W;
Laser type: fiber laser, 1064nm;
Welding speed: 0-120mm/sec;
Input voltage: 220V, 1 phase.

Lightweld list:

  • Welding machine laser
  • Laser Welding System
  • Handheld laser welding gun
  • Workholding
  • Built-in air cooling design
  • Laser welding nozzle
  • Laser safety glasses
  • Light weld user’s Guide
  • Optic fibre cable
  • Automatic wire feeder
  • Welding helmet with IR shield

handheld laser welding gun

automatic wire feeder

Auto-Dimming Laser Welding Helmet

laser safety glasses


  1. Adopt an integrated structure, built-in integrated control system, laser system and cooling system and other mechanisms;
  2. Ergonomic hand-held welding head, easy to operate and easy to carry;
  3. The imported fiber laser generator from the original factory has good spot quality and stable output power, realizing high-quality welding;
  4. With a light-emitting safety control box, it can ensure the safe production of the laser during the welding process;
  5. Professional laser welding software, with continuous light output and waveform adjustable light processing functions, which can realize high-speed and precise welding function;
  6. Ultra-low operating cost, the laser consumes only 1 to 1.5 degrees per hour; it can weld various thin metal plates;
aluminum laser welding machine factory

Factors affecting lightweld 1500 price

The welding market is roughly divided into lightweld xr 1500, lightweld xc, why are there so many models, and on Amazon, Alibaba prices are different, the difference is very large, what is the reason? Each manufacturer’s brand, configuration, welding plate thickness, the size of the power used, the difference is very large, these factors affect the welding effect, the price is different.
At present, the IPG Lightweld 1500 XR has the highest price on the market, because IPG itself is also a leader in the laser industry, and the brand quality is very popular.

Where to buy laser welding system

There are many models of handheld metal laser welding machine in the market. If you want to find affordable lightweld 1500 laser welder price and many customers have 1500 reviews for lightweld, you can compare lightweld 1500 amazon, alibaba, or Google search ” lightweld 1500 laser welder “, there will be many manufacturers, ipg photonics laser welder 1500, lightweld xr, andes Welding tool, lightweld xc, 5-in-1 handheld metal laser welding machine, compare prices, brands, power levels, after-sales service, etc. among many models.

handheld laser welding machine gun head
laser welding gun


How much is a laser welding gun price

The hand held laser welding gun price generally ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, mainly related to the laser power, brand awareness, technical characteristics, welding capabilities, accessories, gas protection systems, automation and other related equipment of fiber laser welding torches, as well as laser torch welding. The level of competition in the machine market is important.

Want to know the specific laser welding gun price, consult the price and quotation with the supplier.

Is ipg lightweld 1500 laser welding system expensive?

The ipg laser welder price is relatively expensive. The ipg photonics lightweld 1500 is mainly focused on optical research. It is the only brand in the world that manufactures lightweld 1500 equipment.

The equipment quality and technology of ipg lightweld 1500 are unparalleled in the laser welding market. High-end technology, perfect after-sales, etc. are all reasons why you must choose it.

What is lightweld 1500 xc price?

Lightweld 1500 xc is a device that combines the functions of laser welding and laser cleaning. The first to develop this device is ipg lightweld xc.

In the market, the ipg lightweld 1500 xc price is $24,160.00-$27,750. For other small brands, the price of lightweld xc is relatively lower.

handheld laser welder
handheld laser welder
lightweld 1500 laser welding system
lightweld 1500 laser welding system for sale

This article is not lightweld 1500 reviews. But many people consult lightweld 1500 xc price or lightweld 1500 xc price. So I want to give a quick answer to this question here.

These are why lightweld 1500 laser welding  is so popular. Consider a laser handheld welding machine if you are considering improving production efficiency.If you want to know more about lightweld 1500 prices, you can consult us to get the latest prices.


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