How is Lightweld 1500 Price?

With the rapid development of the industrial market, the sheet metal processing industry not only has higher and higher market demand for laser cutting machines, but also more and more common people remember the demand for handheld laser welding. Among the many hand-held laser welding machines, the lightweld 1500 laser welding was born. Many customers are curious about the lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding price. Now DOWELL laser will introduce to everyone.

How is Lightweld 1500 Price?

The lightweld 1500 price on the market is about 10,000 US dollars. The configuration of each company is different, and the price is different. This requires customers to purchase according to their own needs.

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Features of lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding system:

  1. Adopt an integrated structure, built-in integrated control system, laser system and cooling system and other mechanisms;
  2. Ergonomic hand-held welding head, easy to operate and easy to carry;
  3. The imported fiber laser generator from the original factory has good spot quality and stable output power, realizing high-quality welding;
  4. With a light-emitting safety control box, it can ensure the safe production of the laser during the welding process;
  5. Professional laser welding software, with continuous light output and waveform adjustable light processing functions, which can realize high-speed and precise welding function;
  6. Ultra-low operating cost, the laser consumes only 1 to 1.5 degrees per hour; it can weld various thin metal plates;
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3 advantages of lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding system

Lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding system occupies a small space, and the focus is on diversified welding products and flexible product shapes. For production workshops engaged in small-scale processing or non-large-scale welding, a portable fiber laser welder is a better choice.

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The 1500 portable laser welding machine can weld various specifications of stainless steel, various stainless steel color plates, tinplate, pure iron, pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, copper, copper alloy, etc. It can be widely used in the complicated and irregular welding processes of cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms, staircase elevators, shelves, ovens, stainless steel door and window guardrails, power distribution boxes, stainless steel home appliances and other industries.

Lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam, fast welding speed, and no consumables. It can perfectly replace traditional argon arc welding and electric welding for welding thin stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates and other metal materials. And other processes.

ipg lightweld 1500

These are the reasons why lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding system is so popular. If you are considering improving production efficiency, you may wish to consider a laser handheld welding machine.



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