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How Much Does Laser Cutting Structural Steel Cost

With the development of the steel structure field and the continuous improvement of industrialization, the welding and cutting equipment industry is showing a rapid development trend, and the application of structural steel laser cutting is born, so how much is the price of laser cutting structural steel, how to choose steel structure laser cutting machine, this article takes you to understand in depth.

What is structural steel

Steel structure is a building structure made of steel as the main material. It has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, good durability, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

Common shapes include I-beams, high-speed steel, channels, angles, and plates.

Structural steel types

Steel structure is a building structure made of steel as the main material. It has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, good durability, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

Steel structure

Steel frame structure refers to a frame structure composed of steel columns, steel beams, steel floors and other components. It has good seismic performance and wind resistance, and is often used in the construction of large-span factories, stadiums, exhibition halls and other venues.

steel structure industry
steel structure industry

Reinforced concrete composite structure

Reinforced concrete composite structure is a new structural system that combines steel structure and concrete structure. Commonly used in buildings such as multi-story residential buildings, office buildings and commercial complexes, it combines the rigidity and strength of steel structures with the durability and thermal insulation properties of concrete structures.

Frame shear wall structure

Frame shear wall structure is a structural form that combines steel frame and shear wall. It is characterized by good seismic resistance and rigidity, and is suitable for high-rise buildings and particularly tall buildings.

Spatial grid structure

The space grid structure is a grid structure composed of steel pipes, steel poles, steel plates, etc. It has the advantages of light structural weight, good stiffness, and simple construction. It is often used in the construction of large-span sports venues, airport terminals and other venues.

Steel structures have excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, and good durability. They can be used in various complex environments and are an indispensable structural form in modern architecture.

What is structural steel cutting machine

Structural steel cutting machine is a mechanical equipment specifically used for cutting steel materials, usually used in fields such as construction, bridges, railways, ships, etc.

The use of structural steel cutting machines can improve production efficiency, shorten engineering cycles, and reduce manual labor on worker

How Much is A Laser Cutting Structural Steel Cost Price ?

There are many steel structure laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers on the market, the general price is $123,077- $246,154, the specific also depends on the choice of configuration, power size, cutting H steel, H beam and other profiles size, steel structure laser cutting manufacturers branding impression and other factors, want to know the specific price, you can consult laser cutting structural steel manufacturers.

h shaped steel laser cutting machine
h shaped steel laser cutting machine

Four methods of steel structure processing

Below I will introduce to you 4 methods of structural steel cutting.


Cutting is the most common method in steel structure processing, which can cut large steel plates or steel materials into the required size and shape.

Current cutting methods: flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting.

Cutting TechnologyAdvantagesDisadvantages
Flame Cutting– Cost-effective
– Suitable for large, thick materials
– Simple operation
– Limited precision
– Large heat affected zone
– Slow cutting speed
Plasma Cutting– Fast cutting speed
– Wide range of materials
– Higher precision than flame cutting
– Higher cost
– Some heat affected zone
– Noise and dust
Laser Cutting– High precision and quality
– Great flexibility
– Minimal heat affected zone
– High cost
– Limited cutting thickness
– Requires technical expertise
h shaped steel structure
h shaped steel structure


Drilling is the method of drilling holes into the surface of steel to allow for connections or installations.
There are two methods of drilling: mechanical drilling and thermal drilling.

Drilling MethodDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantages
Mechanical DrillingUtilizes mechanical force to drive the drill bit into the steel surface, creating holes.– Lower cost
– Suitable for a wide range of materials
– Slower drilling speed
– Potentially lower hole quality
Thermal DrillingUses high temperature to penetrate the steel surface with the drill bit, forming holes.– Faster drilling speed
– Higher hole quality
– Higher cost
– May require specialized equipment


Stamping is a method of punching, drilling, bending and other processes on steel to meet architectural design requirements.

There are two main stamping methods: mechanical stamping and hydraulic stamping.

Stamping MethodDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantages
Mechanical StampingUtilizes mechanical force to press steel into desired shapes.– Cost-effective
– Good for a wide range of applications
– Slower operation
– Precision may vary
Hydraulic StampingUses hydraulic presses to shape steel.– Faster operation
– Higher precision in shaping
– Higher cost
– May require more specialized maintenance


Welding is a way to connect steel and it is one of the most important processes in steel structure processing.

Welding methods mainly include manual welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, etc.

Welding MethodDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantages
Manual WeldingThe simplest method of welding, performed manually.– Simple and versatile
– Lower cost
– Variable weld quality
– Skill-dependent
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)Utilizes a blanket of granular fusible flux to protect the weld zone.– High weld quality
– Efficient for thick materials
– Higher cost
– Limited to flat or horizontal positions
Gas-Shielded WeldingEmploys a gas shield to protect the weld area, includes methods like MIG and TIG welding.– Excellent weld quality
– Versatile for different materials
– Higher cost
– Requires more skill and equipment
laser tube cutting sample
laser tube cutting sample

Advantages of steel structures

  • High strength and light weight. Steel structure members have small cross-sections, light weight, easy transportation and installation, and are suitable for large-span, high-height, heavy-load structures.
  • It has good toughness and plasticity, uniform material, high structural reliability, is suitable for withstanding impact and dynamic loads, and has good seismic resistance.
  • The internal structure is uniform and close to an isotropic homogeneous body. The workability of the steel structure fully complies with the calculation theory, so it has high safety and reliability.

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