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How Much is the Electric Power Grid Laser Obstacle Removal Price

Electric Power Grid Laser Obstacle Removal is a new tool on the market that uses laser to remove obstacles.

Overhead wires sometimes have hanging objects, which will pose a threat to the safety of the wires. Once entangled on the wires, it will affect the safety of the power grid and cause major economic losses. When any hanging objects are found, they need to be promptly and quickly removed.

portable laser obstacle remover
portable laser obstacle remover

What is Laser Obstacle Removal

The optical obstacle clearing equipment adopts advanced laser technology, selects the laser band that does not harm the main equipment of the power system operation, can be controlled from the local emission, and removes the foreign objects in the high altitude from a long distance.

Power grid high voltage power line laser obstacle removal system power

Power grid high voltage line laser obstacle removal system power: 300w 500w

Product DW-300QZDW-500QZ
laser power300W500W
Effective working distance0~300M0~300M
Operating temperature-25℃~+40℃-25℃~+40℃
Working humidity10%RH~90%RH
Laser wavelength1080±5nm
Host size650x526x380mm650x526x380mm
Host weight≤40kg≤40kg
battery size340*150*210mm340*150*210mm
battery weight≤13kg≤13kg
battery continuous working time≥90min≥90min

How Much is the Laser Obstacle Removal Price

500w Laser Obstacle Removal Price 24000 USD, according to different manufacturers and brands, the configuration is different, and the price is also different.

If you want to know more about the price of laser remote foreign body remover, you can consult the manufacturer or supplier of fiber laser obstacle remover to get the latest product quotation.

Application field

  • Fiber laser obstacle remover
  • Advertising banner
  • Plastic balloon
  • Kite
  • Plastic bag
  • Agricultural plastic film
  • Agricultural plastic greenhouse cloth
  • Woven bag
  • Branch
  • Hornet’s nest
laser removal of nests
laser removal of nests
laser tree removal
laser tree removal

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