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How to Choose the Cutting Head of Industrial Laser Cutting Machine?

With the rapid rise of the sheet metal processing industry, industrial laser cutting machines on the market are used very frequently. Many customers do not know whether to choose an auto-focus laser cutting machine or a manual laser cutting head when purchasing laser cutting equipment.

industrial laser cutting machine

Industrial fiber laser cutting machines on the market mainly include lasers, laser cutting heads, and water-cooled parts. The laser cutting head plays an important role in the laser cutting machine.I still think it is better to choose an auto-focus laser cutting head in the current market industry.

laser cutting head

The development history of laser cutting head

Early fiber laser cutting machines were manually adjusted by manual focus. They have a single function and have certain limitations. There are requirements for the level of the operator. A slight carelessness in the operation will affect the accuracy and production efficiency of the product.

With the continuous improvement of production requirements, laser technology has gradually matured. The emergence of a new type of laser head has changed the traditional manual focusing method. Auto focus successfully replaced the traditional focus method and obtained a new type of auto focus cutting head. It is widely used.

The difference between manual focus and auto focus:

Is the focal length of the perforation adjustable:

The cutting head with manual focus cannot be adjusted, and the perforation focus is the same as the cutting focus.

The auto-focus cutting head can be adjusted automatically, and the focus size can be adjusted during perforation

Energy during perforation of thick plate:

When the manual focus cutting head pierces the thick plate, the energy is insufficient and the piercing speed is slow.

The auto-focusing cutting head can increase the piercing energy and increase the piercing speed when piercing thick plates.

Piercing time

The speed of auto focus is half that of manual focus, and the cutting effect is basically the same.

Since the material has a short time of overheating, auto focus will reduce the excessive melting of the sheet. It can significantly improve production efficiency and greatly reduce the perforation time for cutting thick plate materials. When processing workpieces of different materials and thicknesses, the machine can quickly adjust the focus to a suitable position.

laser cutter cutting carbon steel

Therefore, the auto-focus fiber laser cutting machine is ahead of manual focus in many aspects. With the advancement of technology, auto-focus laser cutting machine will be more practical, the processing effect will be more perfect, and it will provide better help for laser cutting.



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