How to Choose the Most Affordable Handheld Fibre Laser Welder

Along with the promotion and use of various new metal cutting and laser welding equipment, the efficiency of the metalworking industry has been gradually improved, and the new handheld laser welding machine, as a new high-tech laser welding equipment, is known and widely used by the metalworking industry.

The new generation of handheld welding torch head replaces the previous fixed optical path, which is flexible and convenient and can be used to achieve outdoor welding and long-distance welding machine according to the space of the site.The handheld laser welding device, used to directly fix the laser welding device for proximity welding, favourably reduces the size of the laser welding device, is easy to operate, easy to weld, fast and favourably improves welding operability.

The laser welder for sale market has an endless array of prices, and I hope this article will help you to select the affordable laser welder

What is a laser welding machine

Laser welding machines, also often called fiber laser welding machines and laser welders, are machines used for laser material processing.

Laser welding uses high energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in tiny areas. The energy from the laser radiation spreads to the interior of the material through heat conduction, melting the material and forming a specific molten pool for the purpose of welding.

Lightweld 1500 laser welding system

Hand-held laser welding machines, with hand-held welding guns instead of the previous fixed optical path, hand-held welding, flexible and convenient, longer welding distances, overcoming the limitations of the workbench space, workpieces can not be automatically welded when the size is not uniform. Mainly for large workpieces, fixed positions such as internal right angles, external right angles, flat welding seam welding. It is a new and more flexible welding process for welding large workpieces from a distance. Effective welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanised sheet metal and other metal materials, suitable for sputtering, stack welding, internal and external fillet welding, circular arc welding, irregular shape welding.

How much does a handheld laser welding machine cost

2021 laser welding machine for sale prices on the market vary from $7,850.00 to $9,420.00 for the lightweld 1500 laser welding system and from $7,850.00 to $13,345.00 for the handheld laser welding machine. Air cooled handheld laser welding machines $15,000.00. The reason why the price of laser welding machines for sale varies so much depends mainly on the configuration of the welding machine.

laser welders

What are the types of laser welding machines?

Laser welding machines are also often called laser welding machines, energy negative feedback laser welding machines, fiber laser welding machines, laser welding machines, laser cold welding machines, laser argon welding machines, laser welding equipment, etc.

According to the way they work they can often be divided into laser mould burners (manual laser welding equipment), high power aluminium laser welding machines, handheld laser welding machines, lightweld 1500 laser welding system, laser welding machine portable,continuous laser welding machines, vibrating mirror laser welding machines, automatic laser welding machines, jewellery laser welding machines, compound laser welding machines, robot laser welding machines, laser spot welding machine, fiber optic transmission laser welding machine, laser welding and marking machine, etc.

Laser welding machines can be divided into, if they have a laser source, fibre lasers, CO2 lasers and YAG lasers. Each of these laser sources has its own benefits and is suitable for different types of welding materials

Specialized laser welding equipment include sensor welding machine, silicon steel sheet laser welding equipment, keyboard laser welding equipment. The laser welding machines can be used to weld points, lines, circles, squares or any flat shapes drawn by the software.

Composition of handheld laser welding machine

Handheld laser welding machine generally consists of laser, water chiller, control software, laser welding head, optical fiber and other components.

lightweld 1500 (2)

The application of handheld laser welding machine industry

Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, copper, aluminum alloy, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium, tantalum and other metals or alloys, but also for a variety of dissimilar materials between the welding. Widely used in precision instruments and meters, electronic components, home appliances, medical equipment, mobile phone communication, mobile phone parts, computer shells, sinks, stainless steel kitchen products, vacuum insulation cups, sensors, mold accessories, safes, distribution boxes, stainless steel products, aluminum products, copper products, alloy materials, watches and glasses, jewellery, hardware components and other industries.

laser welding machine

Scenarios in which handheld laser welding machines can be used.

Almost all the materials used in the industrial industry in the current market are suitable for handheld laser welding machines

1. laser welding of sheet metal, chassis and water tanks.

2. laser welding of various types of hardware lamp type.

3. laser welding of door and window frames.

4. laser sealing welding of kitchen and bathroom, washbasin hardware.

5. Laser welding of billboards and advertising letters.

ipg lightweld 1500

6 light sources for laser welding

  1. spot welding: small spot, strong energy, spot welding mode can be used when there is a requirement to weld through or cut through the material
  2. linear welding: adjustable width, certain penetration of the material after comparison, linear welding mode can be used in sputtering, wire feed welding, positive corner welding.
  3. Type “0” welding: adjustable diameter and uniform energy density distribution; type “0” welding can be used for high frequency welding of thin plates.
  4. Double “0”: adjustable diameter, its main function is to reduce the spot and it is suitable for welding at various angles.
  5. Triangle welding: adjustable in width, the energy of the 3 sides can be fully heated in the middle and on both sides of the plate while reducing the spot.
  6. “8” welding: on the basis of the triangle continue to increase the spot, so that the plate repeatedly heated, large width welding can be used “8” welding mode.
welding form

The application of handheld laser welding machine advantages

  • 1. Handheld welding torch replaces the previous inherent optical path, more flexible and convenient to achieve long-distance laser welding, overcoming the limitations of the bench travel space.
  • 2. Handheld welding head equipped with 5m-10M original optical fiber, flexible and convenient, can realize outdoor welding;
  • 3. Hand-held operation mode, equipped with special welding nozzle can achieve any part of the workpiece welding at any angle;
  • 4. Matching a variety of laser sources, suitable for a variety of process requirements workpiece, welding once formed, basically no deformation, to meet the requirements of high-quality products.
  • 5. Beautiful weld seam, no welding scars, no discoloration, no need for subsequent polishing.
  • 6. Solid welding, the strength of the weld meets or exceeds that of the base material itself.
  • 7. Suitable for spiral welding, stack welding, internal and external fillet welding, circular arc welding, irregular shape welding, etc.
  • 8. The whole set of equipment is highly functional and ergonomically designed for various working environment scenarios.
  • 9. Proprietary laser safety operation protection function, to ensure the safety of the operator during work.
  • 10. Simple and easy to learn to operate, with a low technical threshold for the operator, saving labour costs.
  • 11. Some of the welding equipment uses an integrated cabinet, integrating the laser, chiller, software control, etc., which has the unique advantages of small footprint, easy to move, and strong functionality.

Advantages and disadvantages of handheld laser welding machine

  1. Easy to start: handheld fiber laser welding machine operation with less than professional welding knowledge, only need about 1 hour with the technical staff to understand the relevant training, you can start to complete the welding.
  2. Efficiency is improved: the product welding speed, saving human capital, is several times the argon arc welding.
  3. No consumption of materials: handheld laser welding machine configuration automatic wire feeder, in welding without filling the wire to complete the welding work.
  4. Good effect: small welding influence area, no deformation, firm welding, high depth to width ratio.
  5. High energy efficiency conversion: the laser photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 30%, lower energy consumption.
  6. Flexible use: handheld fiber laser welding machine, can be moved to achieve outdoor welding, easy to use, flexible placement.
  7. No grinding of the weld seam: continuous welding mode, beautiful welding without scars, less subsequent grinding process.
  8. The disadvantage is that long-term use may lead to arm soreness and a few sparks when welding, it is recommended to equip goggles during operation.

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