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How to Debug the Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Many friends do not know the parameters after purchasing the laser pipe cutting machine. This article will tell you how to operate it.

Three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine

Debug the parameters of the laser automatic pipe cutting machine to improve the cutting speed of the machine.

The machine parameter setting is one of the main reasons that affect the cutting speed of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine. Under normal circumstances, if the parameters are not adjusted well, its cutting speed will not work. The parameters are like the related actions of a series of actions such as driving, starting, accelerating, etc.

When adjusting this parameter, generally pay attention to the following points:

1.Initial speed

This setting is the starting speed of the machine. Many customers have such a misunderstanding that the larger the initial speed, the better, but in fact this is wrong. If the initial speed of the laser automatic pipe cutting machine is set too high, the machine jitter will be very large.


It is the time taken from the initial speed to when the machine cuts normally. When the machine is cutting different patterns, it is a process of constantly starting and stopping. If the acceleration setting is too low, it will cause the machine to cut slower.

Adjust the assembly of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine to improve the cutting effect of the machine.

1.Rail installation:

The guide rails should be installed in parallel. If the installation is not parallel, the machine will have resistance when running, it will be stuck when it is walking, and there will be saw teeth when it is cut. Therefore, the two guide rails in the Y direction can be installed in two parallel lines, and there can be no error between them.

2.The beam and coupling are not installed properly.

When the machine beam and coupling are installed, the screw is not locked, or the lock is oblique, etc., it will happen.

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