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How To Use Metal Laser Welding Machine In Aluminum Alloy

Welding aluminum, copper, titanium alloys and other materials is indispensable for industrial processing, and the fiber continuous automatic laser welding machine can handle all kinds of metal welding, including low carbon steel and aluminum, copper, titanium alloys, etc. It is a must for industrial metal product marking. Prepare artifact.

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What is a fiber laser welding machine?

Fiber laser welding machine due to the characteristics of fiber laser pulse rise time and high beam quality, the heat input is small and the heat source is concentrated, the energy density of laser welding aluminum, copper, and titanium alloys is more concentrated, the laser wavelength is shorter, and the high reflection is improved , Especially suitable for metal welding.

In the given optical system of the fiber laser welding machine, the size of the laser spot with higher output beam quality is smaller, so the processing efficiency can be improved. For most materials, through laser wire filling, laser-MIG hybrid welding, dual-spot laser welding and other processes, the forming effect of aluminum alloy welding can be significantly improved. The rough surface of the metal has a high degree of sandblasting, light reflectivity and a clean surface. , Which indicates that the laser energy input is less and the welding quality is improved.

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Process of fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding machines currently mainly use conventional methods such as TIG welding and MIG welding to weld aluminum alloys. No matter what kind of welding method, aluminum alloy welding

Preparatory work is indispensable, which has a great influence on the welding quality of aluminum alloy.

  ●Wipe the surface of aluminum alloy parts with absolute alcohol or acetone before welding to remove impurities such as water or oil adsorbed on the surface;

  ●To prevent the workpiece from being oxidized in the air, the workpiece needs to be mechanically polished or chemically treated and dried to complete the welding as soon as possible;

  ●In order to speed up the liquidity of the molten pool during aluminum alloy welding, a copper plate can be added to the back of the aluminum alloy workpiece to improve the weld formation;

  ●When welding, use Ar gas protection to isolate the air and reduce the generation of air holes.

The fiber laser welding machine not only realizes the welding of various metals, but also as various industries want to create more distinctive features, and the widespread application of equipment, the entire market has also become active, not only for enterprise manufacturing, but also Mostly used in our daily necessities DIY.



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