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How To Use Laser Weld Aluminum Alloy

Welding aluminum, copper, titanium alloys and other materials is indispensable for industrial processing, and the continuous hanheld laser welding machine can handle all kinds of metal welding, including low carbon steel and aluminum, copper, titanium alloys, etc. It is a must for industrial metal product marking. Prepare artifact.

mini laser cleaning machine
mini laser cleaning machine

What is a fiber laser welding machine?

The laser welding machine uses laser pulses to heat the metal material locally, diffuses into the metal material through heat conduction, melts the material locally, and performs welding.

Welding method:

  • Spot welding
  • Butt welding
  • Stitch welding
  • Seal welding

Suitable for welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts.

welding form

Laser weld aluminum Process

Fiber laser welding machines currently mainly use conventional methods such as TIG welding and MIG welding to weld aluminum alloys. No matter what kind of welding method, aluminum alloy welding

Preparatory work is indispensable, which has a great influence on the welding quality of aluminum alloy.

  • Wipe the surface of aluminum alloy parts with absolute alcohol before welding
  • The workpiece is mechanically polished or chemically treated and dried to complete welding as soon as possible
  • Add copper plate to the back of aluminum alloy workpiece to improve weld formation
  • Ar gas protection is used during welding to isolate air and reduce porosity

Laser welder aluminum not only realizes the welding of various metals, but also the demand for welding machines in the industrial market is getting higher and higher.

laser welder aluminum
laser welder aluminum

Protective equipment for laser welding:

Laser protective glasses, laser protective helmet

laser goggles
laser goggles
welding helmet
welding helmet

Can you laser weld steel to aluminum

Yes, aluminum laser welding can be soldered. Stainless steel and aluminum are two common welding methods, and the difficulty of welding is not high.

At the same time, when choosing a welding method, you can choose according to different situations. Generally, you choose a hand-held laser aluminum welder. The welding speed is 5-10 times that of traditional argon arc welding. The weld seam is beautiful and almost does not need grinding.

Aluminum and stainless steel laser welding requires attention

Welding is a thicker aluminum material. At this time, the negative defocus amount suitable for the thickness of the plate is adopted, and the moving speed of the welding torch is controlled at the same time to ensure that the small hole can penetrate the metal and can fully stir, but cannot penetrate the metal; Properly increase the spot diameter and input power under the condition of melting through.

1000w aluminum laser welder

Handheld laser welding machine operation

Preparatory work before starting the machine

  • Check the power supply of the laser welding machine and whether the circulation system is normal
  • Check whether the gas connection of the equipment is normal
  • Check whether there is any stain on the surface of the machine

Boot preparation

  1. Turn on the power
  2. Turn on the water cooler, laser generator, etc.
  3. Open the argon gas valve and adjust the gas flow
  4. The welding system re-inputs the current working parameters to be executed
  5. Welding operation

Precautions for laser welder aluminum

Laser damage to the eyes should be avoided

The aluminum laser welding laser power density during laser weld aluminum welding is very high, and the beam is very thin, which is easy to cause damage to human eyes and skin. Operators must wear special laser protective glasses.

Laser burns to the skin should be avoided

Laser irradiation directly on the skin will cause burns, which will lead to skin aging, inflammation and skin cancer lesions of the operator. Operators need to wear work clothes.

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