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Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Price : Must See Before Buying!

Laser cleaning machine (laser rust cleaning machine) is a device that removes dirt, oil, and rust by utilizing high-energy laser beams on the surface of items. It has got merits such as no contact, no wear and tear, no pollution and so on, hence it is extensively employed in sectors like industrial production, cultural relic restoration as well as building cleaning.

industrial laser cleaning equipment
industrial laser cleaning equipment

Portable Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Price

Power: The greater the power of the laser cleaning machine, the higher and more expensive the price. Generally speaking, the price of pulse laser cleaning machines below 100W is around US$1,500, and the price of laser cleaning machines between 100W and 1,000W is around US$1,500 to US$20,000. The higher the power, the more expensive the price. The price of a continuous laser cleaner machine is generally around US$5,000-8,000.
Brand: Well known brands of laser cleaning machines tend to be more expensive.
Configuration: The configuration of the laser cleaner will also affect its price, such as whether it is equipped with an automatic focusing system, an automatic feeding system, etc.

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine for Sale List

Pulse laser cleaning machine price

  • 100w laser cleaning machine price: $ 4978.77
  • 200W laser cleaner machine price:$ 8297.95
  • 300w laser cleaning machine price:$ 11063.94

Continuous handheld laser cleaner for sale

  • 1000w rust cleaning laser price:$ 2904.28
  • 1500W laser cleaning machine price:$ 3319.18
  • 2000w laser cleaning machine price:$ 4287.28
  • 3000w handheld laser cleaner price:$ 6223.46
portable laser cleaning machine
portable laser cleaning machine

How to Choose Industrial Laser Cleaner Price

Power: Choose the appropriate power according to the actual material of the cleaning plate.
Brand: Choose equipment from well-known brands to ensure better quality.
Configuration: Choose the appropriate configuration according to actual needs, continuous laser or pulse laser.
After sales service: Choose a manufacturer that provides comprehensive after-sales service.

A Must See Before Buying a Laser Cleaner Machine

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machines Principle

In order to clean, a high-energy laser beam is focused on the surface of an object and then pollutants absorb the laser energy and are instantly vaporized or decomposed.

Laser Cleaning Machine Application Scope

Industrial production: Used for metal surfaces rust removal, oil stains, welding slag, etc.,; non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastics, glass etc. surface cleaning; electronic components cleaning; precision instruments cleaning etc.

Cultural relic restoration: For instance calligraphy painting porcelain bronze ware and surface cleaning.

Building cleaning: External wall of building cleansings such as outside walls made of stone metal surface cleaning etc.

Whether you want to find the cheapest laser cleaning machine price, dowell laser will be your ideal partner and look forward to your visit.

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