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laser steel cleaning machine

laser steel cleaning machine

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DOWELL laser cleaning system is one of the most popular companies in the industrial market. It has been committed to the production and research of laser equipment for 13 years. The laser cleaning stainless steel equipment it produces is environmentally friendly, efficient, pollution-free, and has no damage to the substrate. Can provide you with the most competitive laser cleaning machine price in the market.

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How laser steel cleaning machine works

laser steel cleaning machine can clean and remove rust

Our laser cleaning machine can remove oxides and rust on the surface of metal plates such as stainless steel, aluminum plates, carbon steel, brass, etc., and some paint marks can also be easily removed.

Laser derusting will not produce waste, and the impurities on the surface of the substrate are evaporated under high-energy heat. It is a non-contact cleaning with low power consumption. It only needs 220v voltage, which saves costs for business owners.

how laser cleaning works


Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning equipment has a higher cost. Many customers are hesitant in the early stage. In fact, after comparison, the price of laser cleaning machine is relatively reasonable. It belongs to environmental protection laser cleaning equipment, which improves human efficiency and saves costs for business owners.

Laser derusting operators need to wear protective glasses and laser protective masks when operating, and take protective measures. They need to undergo strict training and learn the operating instructions of the laser cleaning machine before operating the equipment.

The price of laser descaling machine is generally $4000-$10000. You need to consult the laser cleaning machine supplier or dealer for details. The price varies from place to place depending on the brand, power and configuration.

Continuous laser cleaner: 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w
Pulse laser cleaner: 100w 200w 300w 500w

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