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Laser rust removal machine ( laser cleaning metal machine ,laser paint rust removal, laser cleaning machine) is an environmentally friendly laser technology that uses laser to clean the surface of metal sheets. The operation is simple, the cleaning power is strong, and it is widely used in the industrial industry.

Compared with traditional chemical rust removal methods, laser rust removal has higher precision and stronger cleaning power.

Why choose handheld laser rust remover

DOWELL china laser rust removal machine factory. Specializing in the production of laser equipment, we can customize 100w 500w 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w laser rust remover according to your needs. To meet the needs of different customers.

We have a professional technical team that can customize laser rust remover styles according to your needs

13 years of manufacturing experience, rich experience, to ensure reliable quality of the machine

Can provide you with reasonable laser rust remover price

Products are exported to laser rust removal machine for sale australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and other 80+ countries, and are favored by customers

how much does a laser rust removal machine cost

Why the price of hand held rust removal laser for sale is different

There are many factors that affect the laser rust removal tool price, such as the brand of laser rust removal gun, the power of the laser, the water cooler and other factors.

The price of an industrial portable laser rust removal machine currently on the market is generally around $6,000.

The price of portable laser derusting tool is about 4,000 US dollars, depending on the scanning width of the laser rust removal gun, the price is also very different.

The core components of laser rust remover machine are: laser and laser rust removal gun, the price is relatively expensive, so the protective measures should be in place, which can save you a lot of money.

Why use portable laser rust remover

DOWELL laser rust remover machine configuration

max laser

fiber-optic laser

High cost performance, service life up to 10w hours, good cutting effect, strong stability (MAX, Raycus, IPG are optional)

laser water cooler


The waterway uses an all-stainless steel system, with rear exhaust air, good heat dissipation, and low noise; optional precision filters can extend the service life of laser chillers and laser equipment

laser goggles

laser protection goggles

Prevent laser damage to human eyes, absorb lasers of different bands, and achieve the purpose of protection

fiber optic cable

fiber optic cable

15m long transmission line, easy to move, easy to use, easy to operate

laser rust remover gun

Features of laser rust remover gun:

Hand-held laser rust removal gun, simple structure, light weight, easy to use, high derusting power, width 150mm, fast speed

The laser rust remover gun consists of two-dimensional laser scanning system, focusing field lens, control card and software.

The laser rust remover gun has a compact structure and is easy to use. It is especially suitable for cooperating with fiber lasers to form a laser cleaning machine with reliable quality.

The laser rust remover gun can be cleaned in a fixed position or hand-held, depending on the items to be cleaned and the environment.

laser rust removal system

Rust removal interface cleaning, simple, easy to operate, can realize multi-language settings, realize the control of laser and galvanometer.

The rust removal host system mainly includes a laser device and a positioning device to precisely locate the rust removal part to achieve the purpose of rust removal.
The stacking rack and the discharge rolling system are devices for placing and taking out rust removal items. The plastic rolling system is a system used in conjunction with the rust removal host system. The purpose is to prevent damage to some important and expensive equipment It is damaged by rust and plays a protective role.

laser rust removal system

Where is the rust removal laser machine used?

Laser cleaning machine for rust removal is used as a cleaning process in industrial production, which can effectively remove rust, dirt, paint, carbon deposits, and various coatings. At present, it has been widely used in various fields such as aerospace, rail vehicles, microelectronics, cultural relics protection and medical treatment.

China best laser rust removal system

As a leading laser rust removal machine manufacturers, Dowell laser, it is our honor that our laser machine rust removal can be favored by customers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

We develop rust removal laser to meet the specific needs of different users. Producing efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use rust removal lasers, our professional technicians use the best laser rust removal tools and components to ensure that every rust removal laser machine produced is highly effective in rust removal. Believe that our laser rust remover will be liked by more and more customers.

FAQ about laser machine rust removal

how much is a laser rust removal gun price

The laser rust removal gun price is about 1000-1200 US dollars, depending on the power of the laser rust removal gun, the clear width is different, and the price is also different

does rust removal laser work on aluminum

Yes, the rust removal laser machine can achieve non-destructive and efficient cleaning to a certain extent.

will laser rust remove paint ?

“Laser for rust removal uses the difference in the absorption coefficient of a certain wavelength of laser energy between the substrate and surface pollutants to cause thermal expansion of the substrate material and surface dirt after absorbing energy. 

Will laser cleaning damage the metal surface?

The laser rust removal machine for sale on the market is a non-contact cleaning method. In addition, the metal itself has a certain reflectivity to light, so it will not damage the parts themselves, and during the cleaning process, it will also Does not generate a lot of dust and noise.

What type of laser rust cleaner is best for cleaning through metal?

The types of laser cleaning machines on the industrial market include 1000w laser cleaning machine, pulse laser cleaning machine: 100w 200w 500w, backpack laser cleaning machine, continuous laser cleaning machine, portable laser cleaning machine are all possible, and in addition, according to the thickness of the cleaned coating You can choose different powers, different cleaning widths and different laser rust removal guns.

Is it safe to laser for rust removal galvanized steel?

The rust removing laser can not only clean off the grease on the surface, but also can not damage the galvanized layer,

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