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Laser rust removal gun is mainly used in shipbuilding, automobile production, aircraft manufacturing and other heavy industries. It is environmentally friendly and clean, easy to operate, replacing traditional cleaning work, efficient and convenient, and saves time.
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Laser gun rust removal mainly uses the high-energy heat generated by the laser to quickly vaporize the oxides, rust and other sundries on the metal surface to achieve the effect of rust removal. It is efficient and environmentally friendly without pollution.



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Compare remove rust with laser with traditional methods

traditional cleaning

There are many traditional rust removal methods: chemical wiping liquid soaking, mechanical polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, although both of them can remove rust, but now because the government is stricter in environmental protection, many traditional cleaning processes have gradually been adopted. Instead, laser rust removal has become a new cleaning process for enterprises.

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When there are sub-micron pollution particles on the surface of the workpiece, the particles are very tightly adhered, and conventional cleaning cannot remove them. Laser cleaning on the surface of the workpiece is very effective. Non-contact cleaning, safe for cleaning precision workpieces or their fine parts, can ensure their accuracy.

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