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Best China Handheld fiber laser welder for sale

Why choose DOWELL handheld fiber laser welding machine

best handheld laser welding machines for sale

A handheld laser welding machine is a welding device that uses a laser beam to generate a high-intensity heat source for precise and efficient welding of metal parts.Dowell china fiber laser welding machine manufacturers can provide a variety of handheld laser welding machines with different powers. We have a professional technical team and can provide you with OEM ODM services and provide you with the most competitive handheld laser welder price.

Air-cooled mini small laser welding equipment

The whole machine is small and compact. It only needs to be equipped with a lithium battery and can be used out of the box. Welded steel plate, aluminum and stainless steel are suitable for the industrial market.

lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding systems for sale

Lightweight and portable, easy to operate and easy to use, LightWELD is faster and easier to operate than MIG and TIG welding, with small size, light weight and unique air cooling

1kw 1500w 2000w 3000w cheapest laser wire feed welder system

The 3000w handheld laser welding machine has a very small welding heat-affected zone, which is very suitable for welding heat-sensitive materials

3 in 1 hand held metal laser welding and cutting machine

3 in 1 fiber welder cleaning machine is a laser equipment that integrates three functions of metal welding, cleaning and cutting. High-precision cutting, powerful welding ability and thorough cleaning ability. Additionally, the machine is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, making it an excellent choice for a variety of industries.

hand held laser welder parameters

Laser Power Options
Material and Thickness
Stainless Steel 1.5mm (0.06”)
Carbon Steel 1.5mm (0.06”)
Galvanized Sheet  1.2mm (0.047”)
Aluminum 1.2mm (0.047”)
Stainless Steel 3.5mm (0.13”)
Carbon Steel 3.5mm (0.13”)
Galvanized Sheet  3.5mm (0.13”)
Aluminum 3.5mm (0.13”)
Stainless Steel  4.0mm (0.16”) Ar
 Carbon Steel 4.0mm (0.16”)Ar
 Galvanized Sheet 4.0mm (0.16”) Ar
Aluminum 4.0mm (0.16”) N2

What can the portable laser welder services

The industrial laser welder produced by most laser welding companies can be laser welding stainless steel, laser welding sheet metal, laser welding machine for stainless steel, laser welder aluminum, laser welding aluminum alloys, laser welding copper, oem fiber laser welding machine according to your different needs.

how much do handheld laser welding machine price cost

The power of the handheld laser welding system produced by laser welding machine manufacturers is 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, etc. The thickness of the welded plate is different, and the general laser welding machine price is about 6000-10000 US dollars. Fiber laser welder machine can not only weld metal sheets, but also cut sheet metal. DOWELL laser welding machine manufacturers can provide you with laser welding services, free proofing, and customize your exclusive lazer welding machine.

laser welding applications

Metal laser welding machine can be seen in all walks of life, ranging from aerospace to shipbuilding, as well as in auto parts, biomedicine, hardware manufacturing, jewelry and other industries. Laser welding systems have been widely used. Said to be the new favorite of laser welding system.
construction machinery manufacturing

Machine made

The machinery manufacturing industry not only has huge equipment, but hand held laser welding is also difficult, and there are safety hazards in the welding process. The handheld fiber laser welder can avoid manual contact and solve the whole process automatically. It has become a veritable “welder” in the machinery manufacturing industry and is very popular.

automobile manufacturing industry

auto parts

As a common means of transportation, automobiles have higher requirements for the aesthetics after welding. Using handheld laser welding can achieve fast welding, full welds, firm welding, clean and simple, and more in line with the production requirements of high-end products.

3c electronics industry

Electronic equipment

Electronic equipment is an indispensable tool for modern life, work, and study. Its welding difficulty lies in its small size but not small requirements. Handheld metal laser welding machine can break through space restrictions, and the welding angle can be changed at will to ensure welding quality.

metal jewelry industry

jewelry industry

Jewelry is precious and delicate. The jewelry laser welder enlarges the small parts of the jewelry through a microscope to achieve precise welding without deformation after repair. It solves the two problems of beautiful weld seam and welding quality, and has become an indispensable welding equipment.

Why choose dowell handheld metal laser welding machine

Professional laser welding machine suppliers in China, 15 years experience in laser equipment production

Fiber laser welding machine suppliers support customization, and can customize 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w laser welder according to requirements

The industrial lazer welders is shipped from stock, and the professional after-sales technical team guarantees the operation of the equipment

laser cleaning machine
dowell laser cleaning machine

DOWELL laser welding equipment manufacturers have been focusing on the production of laser equipment for 13 years. The products are exported to the United States, Italy, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and other countries. We have a wide variety of laser welder hand held and can tig for you.

FAQ about metal laser welding equipment

Fiber laser welding equipment manufacturer

Handheld laser welders systems uses the energy generated by a laser to cut metal sheets, such as welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum sheets, aluminum alloys, brass, aluminum alloys, etc

Laser welding is real, the welding speed is fast, labor is saved, work efficiency is improved, and labor consumption is reduced

Aluminum plate laser welding needs high output power in the initial stage to ensure the necessary power density. However, when a small hole is formed in the molten pool, the absorption rate of the beam increases rapidly, which promotes the smooth progress of the welding process.

Laser welding can be used to weld galvanized sheets, but it needs to pay attention to its special characteristics and technical difficulties, such as avoiding pores and oxidation, and taking appropriate parameters and measures for processing.

Can feed wire, standard automatic wire feeder, 1000 watts is suitable for 0.8-1.0, 1500 watts is suitable for 0.8-1.6 wire, 2000-3000 watts is suitable for 2.0 wire;

Laser welding machines are firm and non-deformed after welding, with no color difference on the surface, no need for polishing and polishing, no blackening and no deformation after welding, simple operation, easy welding of large-area stainless steel plates, and long service life.

Hand held laser welding machines are widely used in industrial equipment manufacturing, ships, aerospace, sheet metal processing plants, metal processing and other places

Yes, in laser welding, the shielding gas will affect the weld shape, weld quality, weld penetration and penetration width. In most cases, the blowing of shielding gas will have a positive effect on the weld, but also May have adverse effects.

The fiber laser welding equipment can weld 0.4-8.0mm thick stainless steel, galvanized sheet, iron sheet, copper, aluminum and other metal materials due to the power selection, depending on the power/process, the higher the power, the stronger the welding ability.

1.Nitrogen or argon are commonly used. For welding stainless steel, we recommend using nitrogen, which has a better welding effect. Do not use mixed/nitrogen dioxide gas

2.Air pressure requirements: the flow meter is not lower than 15, the pressure gauge is not lower than 3;

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