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Laser Welding Safety Requirements, Teach You How to Avoid Injury!

Laser welding is an efficient, precise and environmentally friendly welding technology, which is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic devices and other fields. However, there are also certain safety risks in the laser welding process, which may cause harm to the human body if not paid attention to protection.

welding machine
welding machine

Safety hazards of laser welding:

The laser itself is radioactive, especially when welding for the human body moreradiation, skin rash from welding.

  • Eye damage: laser beams can cause irreversible damage to the eyes, and in severe cases can even lead to blindness.
  • Skin burns: Laser exposure to the skin can cause burns and, in severe cases, skin cancer.
  • Fire and Explosion: High temperature sparks generated during the laser welding process may ignite combustible materials, resulting in fire and explosion accidents.
  • Electric shock: When the laser welding machine is working, there is high voltage electricity inside, if you don’t pay attention to safety, electric shock accidents may occur.

Laser welding safety requirements

Operator Protection

When operating laser welding equipment, you should wear protective clothing, protective caps and goggles and other protective equipment to protect the eyes, head and skin and other sensitive parts to avoid being injured by the laser. In addition, the operator should follow the operating procedures and operate the equipment correctly to ensure their own safety.

Equipment safety

Laser welding equipment requires regular maintenance and inspection to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, the equipment should be set up on the safety facilities, such as safety doors and shutdown buttons, etc., to ensure that the operator in an emergency can be shut down in a timely manner.

laser welding
laser welding

Laser welding safety precautions

1, Handheld laser welding safety measures are mainly on the head, face, eyes, ears, respiratory tract, hands, torso and other parts of the protection, mainly dust, anti-virus, anti-noise, anti-temperature radiation, anti-radiation, anti-radioactive radiation, anti-mechanical trauma and anti-dirty.

Engaged in welding operations, the operator should wear general protective equipment (such as overalls, gloves, glasses, masks, etc.) in addition to special operations for special occasions, should also wear an air respirator (used for closed containers and ventilation is not easy to solve the welding operations in special workplaces), to prevent the hazards of fumes.

2, For emergency repair welding operations in highly toxic places, the isolated oxygen respirator should be worn to prevent acute poisoning accidents.

3, In order to protect the eyes of the welders from arc light injury, welding must be set with special protective lenses mask, and in accordance with the welding current strength of different types of filter lenses. At the same time, also take into account the visual acuity of the welders and the brightness of the welding environment.

welding industry
welding industry

4, In order to prevent the welder’s skin by the arc damage, welding personnel should wear light-colored or white canvas overalls. At the same time, the cuffs of the overalls should be tied tightly, fasten the collar, and the skin should not be exposed.

5, Welding auxiliary workers and welding operations near the other staff, the work should pay attention to each other, auxiliary workers should wear a moderate color shades of filter glasses. In the multi-person operation or cross operation place engaged in welding operation, should take protective measures, set up protective shield, in order to prevent the arc light injury to the eyes of the welder and other operators.

6, After contacting thorium tungsten rods, wash hands with running water and soap, and pay attention to frequent cleaning of work clothes and gloves, etc. Wear sound-proof ear muffs or earplugs to protect against noise hazards.

Precautions for safe operation of laser welding:

  • Read the instructions carefully before operation and familiarize yourself with the operating procedures.
  • Check whether the equipment is in good condition to ensure safety.
  • Wear personal protective equipment.
  • Smoking and the use of open flames are prohibited in the work area.
  • During operation, it is strictly forbidden to look directly at the laser beam of light.
  • Non-operators are not allowed to enter the work area.
  • In the event of an accident, immediate measures should be taken and promptly reported.


1. Are laser welders any good?

Yes, laser welders are good. They offer many advantages over traditional welding methods, such as:

  • High welding speed
  • Deep penetration
  • Small heat affected zone
  • Low distortion
  • Environmentally friendly

2. Do laser welders work?

Yes, laser welders do work. They are a real technology that is used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Construction

3. How strong is laser welding?

The strength of laser welding depends on a variety of factors, such as the material being welded and the welding process used. However, in general, laser welding can produce welds that are as strong as or even stronger than welds made with traditional methods.

4. Is laser welding real?

Yes, laser welding is real. It is a well-established technology that has been used for decades.

5. Who is ultimately responsible for the welder’s safety?

The employer is ultimately responsible for the safety of the welder. The employer must provide a safe work environment and equipment, and train the welder on safety procedures.

6. Can welding make you blind?

Yes, welding can make you blind. The arc light produced during welding can damage the eyes, leading to blindness. Therefore, welders must wear safety glasses that meet the appropriate standards.

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