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How to Locate the Focus of Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Many customers do not understand how to locate the focus of the fiber laser cutting machine after purchasing the fiber metal laser cutting machine. Now let the Duowei editor spread the knowledge for everyone.

1.The focus is on the surface of the sheet

This method also becomes 0 focal lengths. When using, the focus of the cutting machine is selected close to the surface of the workpiece. In this mode, the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece are different in smoothness. Generally speaking, the cutting surface close to the focus is relatively smooth, but far away from the cutting focus. The lower surface appears rough. This mode should be determined according to the process requirements of the upper surface and the lower surface in the actual application.

2.The focus is on the inside of the plate

This method also becomes a positive focal length. When the workpiece you need to cut is stainless steel or aluminum steel plate, the mode that the cutting point is inside the workpiece is often used. However, a disadvantage of this method is that due to the focus principle, the cutting width is relatively larger than the cutting point on the surface of the workpiece.

At the same time, the cutting airflow required in this mode is large, the temperature is sufficient, and the cutting and piercing time is slightly longer. So when you choose the material of the workpiece is mainly stainless steel or aluminum with high hardness.

3.Focus on the top of the plate

In this way, we also become a negative focal length, because the cutting point is not located on the surface of the cut material or inside the cut material, but is located above the cut material. This method mainly uses and cuts materials with high thicknesses.

The reason why the focus is positioned above the cutting material in this way is mainly that the thick plate requires a large cutting width, otherwise, the oxygen delivered by the nozzle is very likely to be insufficient and cause the cutting temperature to drop. But one disadvantage of this method is that the cutting surface is relatively rough, which is not practical for high-precision cutting.

So in summary, the focus position should be different according to the material to be cut. If you want to know more about fiber metal laser cutting machine, please follow us.



Hi, I’m Andrea Chen, the creator of dwcnclaser.com. We have been manufacturing laser cutting equipment factories in China for 12 years. The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge about laser cutting equipment from DOWELL laser. Views of Chinese suppliers.

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