Air-cooled Laser Welding Machine

DOWELL 1500W portable air-cooled handheld laser welding machine. Based on independent property rights of air-cooled 976nm high-efficiency energy-saving technology, high-brightness single-module laser technology, and embedded laser welding process software, it is China’s first kilowatt-class air-cooled intelligent laser welding machine, officially entering the 100 billion market new laser welding machine Race track.

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Features of air-cooled laser welding machine:
1) The output power is 1KW, and the welding penetration reaches 3mm
2) Based on 976nm pump technology, high electro-optical conversion efficiency ≥42%
3) Single welding head, welding wide pendulum
4) The weight of the whole machine is less than 60kg, miniature design, small size
5) Unique air-cooled design, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, power supply 220VAC-16A
6) Triple protection design, including air pressure detection device

air cooled laser welding machine (3)

Air-cooled handheld laser welding machine parameters

Output Power

Output light wavelength
Output spot quality
M2<1.3, fiber core 20um
Power stability
Indicating light wavelength
Output fiber interface type
Supply voltage
Digital signal voltage
Control port
power consumption
Working environment temperature range
Working environment humidity range
650x300x570 [mm] (L*W*H)

The above parameters are for reference only, the actual product shall prevail

Advantages of air-cooled laser welding machine:
1. Simple operation, no welder certificate required
Traditional welders need a lot of time for training and research. The air-cooled handheld laser welding machine control device is set up and concise. The machine also previews common welding parameters. Users can customize and save the required parameters.
2. Efficient welding, saving labor costs
One year after laser welding cannot be recovered, the effect of air-cooled welding is 2-10 times that of traditional manual welding, and at least 22 labor costs. One year after laser welding, it cannot be restored and cleaned, which can save labor costs.
3. The welding seam is beautiful, no deformation, and no hot treatment
The air-cooled handheld welding machine can weld general steel (such as carbon steel, welding and welding steel, etc.), as well as recall and brass. Beautiful sewing, no deformation, no deformation of parts, no need for welding steel treatment, 4mm penetration alloy; welding alloy/brass, penetration 3mm.

Welding method of handheld laser welding machine:


welding form

Air-cooled laser welding machine details display:

air cooled laser welding machine details (2)

air cooled laser welding machine details (3)

air cooled laser welding machine details (1)

What materials can be welded by a handheld laser welding machine?
Plate welding, stainless steel, carbon steel, applicable products, various metal plates, molds, chassis, water tanks, kitchen and sanitary products, various hardware lighting, advertising billboards, laser welding of door and window frames. Hand-held laser welding machines are widely used in kitchens, household appliances, advertising, molds, stainless steel doors and windows, handicrafts, household goods, furniture, auto parts, and many other industries.
air cooled laser welding machine welding products

Safety guarantee for air-cooled laser welding machine:

Air-cooled handheld laser welding machine has multiple safety protection functions:
Equipped with key switch and emergency stop button to ensure the safety of operation;
Color LED light settings, different states can be transmitted through different colors;
Optical fiber interlocking device to ensure the integrity of laser transmission;
Workpiece and gun head interlocking device, when the welding torch leaves the work piece, the laser can be turned off immediately.

Air-cooled laser welding machine RFQ:

Q: What materials can your laser welding machine weld?
A: Please provide the material you want to weld
Welding thickness

Q: How to choose the most suitable laser welding machine?
A: In order to recommend the most suitable machine model to you, please tell us the following information.
1. What material is your welding plate made of
2. What is the thickness of the plate you want to weld?

Q: How can I quickly obtain information and quotations for this product?
Ar: Please leave your email, WhatsApp or WeChat, and we will arrange for the sales manager to contact you as soon as possible.

Q: What operations can the laser welding machine perform on the plate?
A: Welding, cutting, etc. on the plate, tailor welding, stitch welding, internal fillet welding, external fillet welding, etc. are all possible

Q: What materials can the fiber welding machine cut?
A: All kinds of metal plates, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, low carbon steel, chemical steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

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