Lightweight Portable 1500 Laser Welder

DOWELL lightweight portable handheld laser welding machine is simple to operate, easy to carry, greatly accelerates the welding speed, is easy to learn and operate, and provides higher quality consistent results in a wider range of materials and thickness

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Features of portable laser welding machine:

Compared with MIG or TIG, LightWeld, compared with MIG or TIG, can greatly accelerate the welding speed, easy to learn and operate and provide higher quality consistent results in a wider range of materials and thicknesses without deformation, biting Edge or burn through. The heat greatly reduces the affected area, but also requires traditional post-processing grinding or polishing to increase productivity, reduce scrap and reduce cost per piece.

lightweld 1500 (6)


Specification of light portable laser welding machine:

Laser power: up to 1500w
Peak power: up to 2500w
Unilateral welding thickness:
Stainless steel, galvanized steel, mild steel and aluminum: up to 4 mm
Copper: up to 1mm
Maximum average output power: 2500w
Maximum peak output power: 5000w
Pulse duration: ≥50 us
Pulse repetition frequency: 0-10 kHz
Wavelength range: 900-1200nm



Application range of light portable laser welding machine:

•Metal Processing Shop

•Body application

•Maintenance and repair

•Building and plumbing

• Agriculture, furniture, and appliances


Portable laser welding machine control panel:

lightweld 1500w

Laser power up to 1500 W can be easily adjusted via intuitive buttons to quickly call up the best welding settings for various materials and thicknesses. With 74 stored presets and user-defined process parameters, novice welders can be trained to complete welding within a few hours. The selected storage mode can provide high peak power up to 2500 W, and can provide higher welding capacity.

portable laser welding machine gun head


Lightweight portable laser welding machine handheld welding gun:

The handheld welding gun is compact and ergonomic. It is currently proven to be the most comfortable, well-balanced and easy-to-use welding gun on the market. Lightweight built-in swing function and safe 2-step triggering enable the operator to continuously perform high-quality welding all day long





Lightweight portable laser welding machine wiring:

lightweld 1500 (1)

The clearly marked rear connection allows quick and easy entry. The laser transmission, gas and spray gun control are pre-connected to the 5 m (optional 10 m) cable. Simply plug in the power cord and gas connection, fix the cord clamp to the work surface and start using it. It can be connected to the network for fine-tuning and save the advanced parameter settings such as process parameters

Features of Lightweight Portable Laser Welding Machine

1. High speed: the speed is 4 times faster than the traditional method-improve the production efficiency and reduces the cost of parts

2. High quality: consistent welding of thick, thin and reflective metals, no deformation, undercut or burn-through-the smallest heat-affected zone

3. Easy to use: simple to set up, easy to learn and operate, and can achieve consistent high-quality welding

4. Enhanced material capabilities: metals with different thicknesses, ultra-thin parts, brazing, low conductivity and high conductivity materials

5. Weaving welding: additional welding width increased by 5 mm-enhanced performance and formed a highly beautiful seam

6. Operator safety: multi-level sensors and interlocking safety functions

Use scenarios of portable laser welding machine:

Portable laser welding machines are widely used in machinery and equipment, elevator industry, hardware industry, fitness equipment, sheet metal kitchen utensils, hardware processing, automobile manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, kitchen utensils and other industries

laser welding machine usage scenarios

Welding method of light portable laser welding machine:

Common laser welding 6 types of stitch welding/spot welding/tailor welding/inner fillet welding/outer fillet welding/butt welding

lightweight portable laser welding machine welding method

Safety features of light portable laser welding machine:

LightWeld is a Class IV laser system. In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, routine precautions need to be taken.

The built-in functions of the lightweight portable handheld laser welding session include:

•The main switch controls the laser and the emergency stop switch button to ensure safe operation

•Fiber laser interlocking device can monitor the complete process of laser transmission to the welding gun

• Two-step trigger to ensure normal operation

• If the welding gun is not in contact with the welding parts, the parts contacting the electrical interlock will turn off the laser power

Operator protection devices include welding gloves, welding shields, and 1070 nm laser safety glasses



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