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Three-chuck Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine machine 1000-4000 watts is fully equipped, adopts three-card linkage, front and rear double pneumatic blessing, cutting quality is better, more stable, and fine cutting

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1000w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w


12m, 6m, 9m

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Applicable material

aluminum plate, brass, carbon steel

Brief introduction of three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine:

Three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine adopts three-card linkage, front and rear dual pneumatic blessing, which can simultaneously step up and perform segmented feeding cutting, so as to achieve zero tail cutting and improve material utilization. Professional pipe cutting equipment, 1000- The 4000-watt equipment is fully equipped, and the machine can be equipped with an optional loading and unloading device. The cutting quality is better, more stable, the cutting is fine, the cut is smooth, no deformation, and no burrs to meet the cutting needs of different users.

Three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine

Three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine performance:

1. The cutting precision is high. The cutting area of ​​the machine tool consists of three chucks, the front, middle and back. The middle rotating chuck can prevent the inertial shaking of the pipe when the pipe rotates at a high speed and 360 degrees, and avoid affecting the cutting accuracy of the front end due to the jitter of the pipe rear end.

2. The three-chuck clamps the pipe at three points for cutting, and maintains the three-point clamping support at the front, middle and back of the pipe in real-time. At the same time, it has the function of correcting pipe bending. The relative cutting efficiency of some pipes is 5%-10% higher than that of the two-card.

3. The pipe has a high load capacity. The maximum single pipe weight is 180kg and can be customized. The 12-meter super-long raw material pipe.


Three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine model and parameters


Can be customized 9 meters or 12 meters

Cutting range


Pipe processing range


The thickness of the cutting


Maximum positioning speed of W axis


Laser power


The power demand



Three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine cutting material:

Various pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, flat pipe, U-shaped pipe, channel steel, I-beam, etc., can be processed in the length of 6 meters,

Round tube: the diameter of the circumscribed circle of the workpiece is 15-230mm,

Square tube: the diameter of the circumscribed circle of the workpiece is 15-230mm

Cutting effect of tube laser cutting machine


Three advantages of three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine

1. The three chucks are moved to each other to realize the cutting and cutting off any length of pipe and use the whole pipe as much as possiblea. Realize the pull-type cutting of pipes, greatly improve the cutting accuracy, and can realize zero tail cutting under certain conditions;

b. The drive rack, linear guide, and W-direction rotary drive all adopt high-precision products to ensure the accuracy of transmission;

c. The chuck is controlled by a limit switch and is equipped with a hard limit device to effectively ensure the safety of the machine tool movement;

2. Equipped with Baichu CNC 5000A bus system

With integrated control and three-chuck pull cutting function, it promotes faster and more stable cutting performance

3. Follow-up front receiving device

It can automatically screen material, powder material, and automatically turn over, which can effectively prevent the pipe from sagging and improve mechanical performance.

Application fields of three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine:

Sheet metal processing, rail transit, shipbuilding, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery,

Electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, food machinery, textile machinery, tool processing,

Various machinery manufacturing and processing industries such as petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchenware and bathroom, decorative advertising, laser external processing services, etc.

Three-chuck pipe cutting machine

Exhibition display of tube laser cutting machine

Exhibition display of tube laser cutting machine

Dowell laser cutting machine production process:

Rigorous process manufacturing and quality inspection of fiber laser cutting machine
1. Each machine tool is finely welded and spliced to make the machine tool stronger
2. Each steel plate welding machine tool is subjected to high-temperature heat treatment to eliminate stress
3. The machine tool after the annealing process is finished by gantry center milling
4. Each machine tool is controlled as a whole to maintain the stability of long-term work
5. Every screw on the machine tool is strictly installed according to the standard, and the torque is locked
6. Each rack screw point is spliced with two racks, and the accuracy of the position is controlled within 0.01MM
7. Make the X-axis and Y-axis vertical accuracy error control within 0.01MM
8. After installation and debugging, the equipment uses a laser interferometer for secondary calibration, detection, and accuracy compensation
9. Before leaving the factory, the equipment must undergo continuous 72 hours of machine test and strict testing

DOWELL laser cutting machine after-sales service:

1. Free sample cutting service: provide you with proofing and cutting services for free, we will live video broadcast with you in the factory, you can see the cutting process and results, or send samples to you

2. Design solutions: According to your product processing requirements, we provide you with unique product solutions to improve production efficiency and better processing quality.

3. Customized machine design: According to the customer’s application, we may modify our machine according to the customer’s convenience and high production efficiency.

4. If there is a quality problem with the parts of the system during the warranty period, our company’s service engineer will provide telephone or on-site service at any time

5. Our company provides lifelong maintenance services for the products provided and provides equipment-related consultation and guidance at any time. After the warranty period, our company still provides customers with extensive and preferential technical support and spare parts supply.

6. After receiving the anti-expensive time, the effective time is 2 hours to communicate through telephone communication. After the equipment warranty expires, maintenance services will be provided for life.

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