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Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The laser tube cutting machine adopts imported special tube cutting software and has the core technology of efficient cutting, which is the fundamental guarantee for effectively saving materials and improving cutting efficiency.

Additional information

Bed Frame

12m, 6m, 9m



The laser tube cutting machine adopts imported special tube cutting software, which is simple in operation, high in precision and strong in professionalism. It can cut round tubes, square tubes, shaped tubes and other tubes. It has the core technology of efficient cutting, which is effective in saving materials and improving cutting efficiency. Fundamental guarantee.

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DOWELL laser tube cutting machine parameters

(1000 watts as an example, 1000-4000 watts can be customized)

Processing area 6000*2000mm X/Y axis positioning accuracy 0.05mm/m
Acceleration 0.5G Repeatability ±0.05mm
Maximum empty speed 60m/min Minimun line width 0.1mm
Input power 80V/50HZ/100A Chuck size 165/220/380optional
Output Power 1000kg Laser wavelength 1064nm
Workbench load 0.5G Total power protection level IP54
Chuck form Front manual rear linkage or front

and rear double

Cooling system Chiller
Pope processing range Round tube diameter(20-200)*6000mm,square tube(20-150)*6000mm

The above data is for reference only, subject to the actual product

DOWELL laser pipe cutting machine configuration details

  laser tube cutting machine body

Cast iron bed

The cast iron bed has large mechanical quality, good stability and no vibration,
High cutting precision, good integrity, high-temperature quenching,
The bed is not deformed and has a long service life)








High performance-price ratio, service life up to 100,000 hours,
Good cutting effect and strong stability
(Optional Chuangxin, Ruike, IPG)





Cutting head

Raytools  or  WSX or imported Precitec
Internationally renowned brand, long service life, stable, high-cost performance










Taiwan Bank of China or PMI or import

Uniform force, improve machining accuracy and stability, and have a life span of up to 10 years







Pipe cutting system

Fscut or Weihong can be selected
Simple operation, support a variety of CAD drawing recognition, stable model,
China’s well-known brands




double pneumatic chuck (four jaws)



Double pneumatic chuck (four jaws)

Fast speed, save time, improve efficiency, large pneumatic clamping force to ensure cutting accuracy;
Special support frame to avoid sagging deformation and prolong the life of the chuck



Product advantages

1. A plurality of cylindrical intersecting line holes with different directions and different diameters can be cut on the main pipe to meet the condition of the eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection of the branch pipe axis and the main pipe axis.
2. It can cut the end of the cylindrical intersecting line at the end of the branch pipe to meet the conditions of eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection and the oblique intersection of the branch pipe axis and the main pipe axis.
3. It can cut the beveled end face at the end of the round tube.
4. It can cut the end of the intersecting line of the branch pipe that intersects the ring main pipe.
5. Can cut variable-angle groove surface.
6. It can cut square holes and waist holes in round tubes.
7. The steel pipe can be cut off.
8. Can cut various graphics on the square tube surface.

Application field

Used in sheet metal processing, aerospace, aviation, electronics, electrical, high-speed rail and subway accessories, auto parts processing, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, kitchen supplies, tool processing, decoration, Advertising and other metal materials processing and manufacturing industries.

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