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Several Lubrication Tips for Tube Laser Cutting Machine

From the perspective of reducing the number of chemicals added, the overall production cost will increase, and the service life of the tools will also be shortened. In the long-term development, reducing the number of chemicals added will cause more problems, such as frequent cleaning of the system. Brings high chemicals and waste liquid treatment costs.   

tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine

Due to the higher usage rate and harsh environment, the maintenance requirements of the tube laser cutting machine are getting higher and higher. Now we will give a brief introduction on the lubrication of the laser pipe cutting machine.

Environmental protection methods in the metal processing industry:                                    

  1. Reduce the number of chemicals added.                                           
  2. Use a smaller filter system.
  3. Application of trace lubrication. But not every method is suitable for all users?
    It is not a simple problem to be able to naturally and actively be environmentally friendly in the field of work, while at the same time optimizing your production process to reduce costs.

The above three methods are not able to achieve good environmental protection effects in the actual application of the tube laser cutting machine.

  1. You can negotiate with chemical suppliers to further optimize the number of chemicals you need in your production.                
  2. A stable system can also be managed according to the specific metal processing technology and the recommended liquid level, so as to achieve better cost-effectiveness.
  3. You can also consider the best liquid level and flow to manage your system according to the production trend. Finally, you can consider the use of micro-lubrication according to your process to achieve the best processing.   
laser tube cutting machine cutting product effect
laser tube cutting machine cutting product effect

Minimal lubrication, a small amount of coolant is sprayed quickly on the stubbing contact point for cutting, and any coolant is not recycled. This seems to be a good way to protect the environment, but this method cannot solve all the application problems, in various application fields. Among them, chip removal, rust prevention, and complete cooling are not easily achieved. If a smaller filter system is used, the metalworking fluid will be overused due to its insufficient filtering capacity and insufficient air contact, and the processing performance will deteriorate, which will increase the corresponding processing costs.



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