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What are Types of Laser Welding

Although the handheld laser welding machine is a very good laser welding equipment, mastering the corresponding use skills can help us make better use of the handheld laser welding machine. Next, let us explain to us what is the most commonly used welding method for handheld laser welding machines. Let us figure it out together!

Types of laser welding

Laser welding can generally be divided into

  • Thermal conductivity type
  • Deep penetration type electric welding

But there is also this new electric welding method.

Under relatively stable processing conditions, the violent fluctuation of the melting depth of the unstable state of electric welding is called method unstable type. welding.

It is found through research that plasma is generated and extinguished intermittently during the welding process of unstable electric welding. The whole operation process is deep penetration welding and thermal electric welding. Very clearly see the random variation characteristics of this type of electric welding. In the deep welding type electric welding method, the electric welding is wider and the penetration depth is deeper; when it is changed to the thermal conductivity type electric welding, the electric welding suddenly narrows and the melting depth suddenly decreases.

handheld laser welding machine

In addition, when the focus position, laser power, or electric welding speed in laser welding continuously changes, three types of electric welding operations of relatively stable conduction electric welding, unstable method, and relatively stable deep penetration welding will occur in sequence. process. Moreover, the processing conditions caused by the unstable electric welding operation process are between the relatively stable conductive electric welding and the relatively stable deep penetration welding processing conditions.

The adjustment range of this method can be expressed by the absorption effect of the plasma on the laser: the critical power density of the metal surface to be vaporized is very close to the critical power density caused by the plasma, and small holes and plasma will be generated. Physical reasons.

Welding product effect

When the laser power density is close to the critical condition of the small hole, due to the absorption of the laser by the plasma, the laser energy actually obtained by the workpiece will fluctuate, which will inevitably lead to the continuous generation and disappearance of the small hole. After the electric welding was carried out severe fluctuations occurred.

The above is the important content of the commonly used welding methods of handheld laser welding machines. I firmly believe that after reading, we will have a deeper understanding of commonly used welding methods!

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