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DOWELL laser cutter manufacturers newly developed small metal laser cutting machine(mini laser cutter, compact structure, and 40 feet container can accommodate three devices, saving shipping costs for agents.

Small laser metal cutting machine is suitable for small metal cutting equipment at home. We provide customers with 1300*900mm and 1300*1300mm working areas, mainly tools for cutting small-format metal sheets. It occupies a small area and has high cutting accuracy. Suitable for precision industrial processing.

The design and development personnel of laser cutting machinery further optimized the equipment without affecting the equipment. The structure is compact and can realize the transportation of the whole machine. A 40-foot container can accommodate three small metal laser cutter.

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Differences 2KW, 3KW, and 4KW laser cut tools

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2kw laser cutter

The 2KW laser cutting machine can easily cut carbon steel up to about 16mm, stainless steel up to 8mm, and aluminum up to 6mm.General cutting crafts

metal laser cutting machine for home

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3kw laser cutter

A 3KW laser cutter can typically cut carbon steel up to 20mm, stainless steel up to 10mm and aluminum up to 8mm, but this may vary.

metal laser cutting machine for home

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4kw laser cutter

A 4KW laser cutter machine can usually cut carbon steel to about 25mm, stainless steel to 12mm and aluminum to 10mm, although this can vary.

metal laser cutting machine for home

Customizable services Small metal laser cutter specification

How laser cut tools that can cut metal works

metal laser cutting machine for home

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2513 4kw Compact Small Laser Cutter For Metal

Advantages of laser cutter small

Features of cheapest metal cutting laser

Supplies drawer

The bottom support of the keyboard comes with a drawer for consumables, which is convenient for operators to replace accessories and saves time

Transport three sets without dismantling

Further optimize the appearance and compact structure, realize 40-foot cabinets without dismantling the machine, and install three sets!

height of the beam is raised

The height of the beam can reach up to 200mm. From the appearance design, it fundamentally solves the anti-collision of the cutting head and saves the cost of the operating system.

Mortise and tenon welding bed

Welding after mortise and tenon welding, aging treatment, eliminating internal stress of the bed, strong equipment stability, more compact model, saving space

High performance laser cutting head

The most used RAYTOOLS cutting head on the market, with a mission life of up to 100,000 hours, and optional IPG, OSPRI, MAX, etc

Master control operating system software

The system is stable, the operation is simple, the production is safe, and the functions are rich. The metal laser laser cutting system with the highest mature utilization rate on the market

How is small fiber laser cutting machine price

The price of small laser cutters can vary significantly depending on the machine’s power, capacity, brand, and features.

In general, entry-level machines suitable for hobbyists or small businesses might cost a few thousand dollars. Mid-range models designed for more professional use can range from $10,000 to $20,000. High-end machines with advanced features and capacities can cost upwards of $50,000 or even more.

Bear in mind that prices can change over time and vary between regions, so for the most accurate cheapest metal cutting laser and up-to-date information, I recommend reaching out to fiber laser cutting machine distributor distributors manufacturers directly or checking their websites.

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1. Carbon steel plate: laser cnc machine for metal chooses different powers according to the thickness of the plate. When cutting low carbon steel, the incision is flat, smooth and has good verticality. High carbon steel trimming effect is better.

2. Stainless steel: It is relatively easier to cut thin plates with a small power 3000w cnc laser cutter steel.

3. Alloy steel plate: CNC laser cut metal is used for alloy steel, and the cutting effect is better, but if the plate contains high tungsten tool steel and hot die steel, there will be corrosion and sticky slag.

4. Aluminum and alloy plates: Aluminum cutting belongs to melting cutting, and auxiliary gas is used to blow away the melt in the cutting area, so that better cutting surface quality can be obtained. Currently the maximum cutting thickness is 1.5mm.

5. Other metal materials: copper is not suitable for cnc laser cut metal. Most of titanium, titanium alloys, and nickel alloys can be used in laser cutter machine for metal.

6.Compared with laser milling machine, the cutting speed is faster, saving labor and reducing tedious work procedures.


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Dowell metal laser cutter company has 13 years of manufacturing experience and serves customers in 80 + countries. We are fully capable of undertaking your agency needs, and wholesale customized laser cutters for steel, and provide you with the cheapest laser machine cutter price.

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When our products are exported, they are packaged in strict wooden boxes to ensure the firmness of laser cutter machines for metal. In addition, we have long-term cooperative logistics companies, which can save the transportation cost of laser metal cutters.

We can provide you with metal laser cutter export services

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