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DOWELL is the most popular professional Chinese steel laser cutting machine factory, who can customize the configuration, size, power, and color of the laser steel cutter, and provide you with the most affordable metal laser cutter price.

DOWELL steel laser cutter machine

DOWELL state-of-the-art laser steel cutters revolutionize the manufacturing process with their powerful precision, efficiency and adaptability. It’s the perfect choice for all your metal fabrication needs.

Our Dowell stainless steel laser cutter is equipped with high-power lasers, which can easily cut steel of various thicknesses, such as carbon steel, 10mm metal steel, 1-12mm stainless steel, 12 ga steel, h steel pipe, power 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w laser cutter for steel, to meet your cutting needs of different metal materials.

how thick can a laser cutter cut steel

The thickness of cnc laser cutter steel can process depends on the power of the laser, the type of laser system and the specific properties of the steel being cut.

Generally speaking, for carbon steel, the cutting thickness can reach 20-25mm with high power fiber laser (6-8kW). For stainless steel, metal cutting laser machines can typically handle material thicknesses up to 15-20mm at the same power.

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How Much is laser cutter for steel price

The steel laser cutting cost is different because of the brand awareness of the manufacturers, the power, the configuration, the size of the bed, and the price is different. If you want to get the specific price of laser cnc metal cutting , you should contact steel laser cutter machine suppliers or suppliers Discuss your specific requirements with your provider and get advice based on your use case. It’s always best to confirm the specifications for a specific machine model, as these features can vary widely between different manufacturers and models.

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Industrial Application

From automotive parts to building materials, our machines are suitable for a wide range of applications. It is capable of cutting a wide variety of steels, including stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and more. Furthermore, the machine is ideal for prototyping and series production.

Dowell China best stainless steel laser cutter factory

Dowell laser cut steel machines are powerful, precise and environmentally friendly. Its high energy efficiency reduces power consumption, while the enclosed design minimizes noise and dust emissions for a safer, more sustainable workspace.

We offer comprehensive aftermarket support, including machine installation, operator training, maintenance services and readily available replacement parts. Our team is dedicated to helping you optimize the performance and life of your machines.

To learn more about our high-precision laser cut thin metal tools and how it can improve your production process, contact us today.

FAQ about CNC steel plate laser cutting machine

Commercial cnc laser cutter steel suitable for cutting steel plate include both CO2 laser cutters and fiber laser cutters.

CO2 Laser Cuttting Machine:
CO2 laser cutters use a gas laser to cut materials. They are generally suitable for cutting lower thickness steel plates, typically up to 10-20mm, depending on the power of the machine. CO2 lasers can provide excellent quality cuts but are not as efficient or as fast as fiber lasers for cutting metals.

Fiber Laser Cuttting Machine:
Fiber laser cutters use a solid-state laser and are more recent developments in laser cutting technology. They are known for their speed, precision, and efficiency, especially for cutting metals. A high-power laser cutter machine for metal can cut steel plates of significant thickness, up to around 25mm.

CNC laser cutter steel sheet power size 1kw-60kw, laser cutting table for steel, laser, cutting head, etc. can be

Laser engravers can mark metal and etch designs into its surface, but they are often not powerful enough to cut metal, especially if the metal is very thick.

Yes, lasers can indeed cut through metal.

The high-energy laser beam produced by the fiber laser  metal cutting lasers can melt the metal sheet and then penetrate the metal sheet.

The steel laser cutters size needed to cut metal depends on the type of metal, its thickness and the desired cut quality.

In laser cutting technology. Commonly used sizes are:

According to the production capacity of each manufacturer, it is also possible to design the laser cutting size according to the drawing provided by the customer.

Yes, CO2 laser cutting machine can cut metal, limited to thin metal plates such as stainless steel and mild steel below 3mm

Yes, You can visit the dowell laser cutting machine manufacturer at any time, we can cut stainless steel for you free of charge on site, and show the cutting effect, you are welcome to visit the china steel laser cutting machine suppliers at any time.

There is no uniform standard for the processing cost of laser cut metals. Laser steel cutter has fast processing speed, high precision, smooth and flat cutting surface, and high cost performance. It is suitable for cutting and processing various precision metal parts.

Its efficiency is 100 times that of wire cutting. Above, however the price is 1/3 of CO2 laser cutting machine.

In the later use cost, the laser cut steel cost is only 1/5 of the CO2 laser cutting machine and CNC punching machine. With such a low operating cost, the stainless steel laser cutter can indeed complete the processing of various complex structures, as long as the computer The patterns that can be designed in the center can be cut by small laser metal cutting machine.


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