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Take You to Understand the Cutting Knowledge of Carbon Steel Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Carbon steel plate fiber laser cutting machine is used in many steel markets and machinery industry. Now let me introduce the knowledge of carbon steel plate laser cutting machine.

The carbon steel plate has a good cutting ability, and there is generally no special difficulty when cutting, and no special measures need to be adopted. However, for steel plates of different thicknesses, the gas cutting process used is different, mainly divided into a gas cutting process according to the thickness of a steel plate, a gas cutting process of a thin steel plate, and a gas cutting process of a large thickness Hong Kong version. Half-thick steel plates mainly refer to steel plates with thicknesses of 4-300mm, thin steel plates refer to steel plates with thicknesses below 4mm, and large-thickness steel plates refer to steel plates with thicknesses above 300mm.

(1) Cutting of general thickness steel plate

Generally, steel plates of general thickness are easier to gas-cutting, so you can choose G01-100 or G02-100 cutting torch. The distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece is roughly equal to the length of the flame core plus 2-4mm. When gas-cutting steel plates with a thickness of 25mm or more, in order to improve the gas-cutting efficiency, a back-rake angle of 20-30 degrees can be used. It should be noted that the length of the winding wire should exceed 1/3 of the thickness of the steel plate to be gas-cut.

(2) Gas cutting of large thickness steel plate

Generally, the cutting of steel plates with a thickness of more than 300mm is called large-thickness steel plate cutting. Since the steel plate is relatively thick, more than 300mm, gas cutting has certain difficulties. Large models of cutting torches and cutting nozzles can be used. When cutting large-thickness steel plates, a sufficient oxygen supply must be ensured, that is, sufficient oxygen flow is provided to the cutting area. Multiple bottles of oxygen can be used to supply gas in parallel with a busbar, if necessary. Multiple sets of bus bars alternately supply air.

The entire oxygen supply system, including the pressure reducer, various joints and valves, the cutting torch intake pipe, and the diameter of the cutting nozzle, must meet the corresponding oxygen supply capacity. In addition, since it is very difficult to restart the cutting of large-thickness steel, before cutting, it is necessary to estimate all the gas consumption based on the thickness of the steel plate and the cutting length and prepare enough sources to avoid interruption of cutting due to exhaustion of oxygen in the middle.

Laser cutting machine products
Laser cutting machine products

For the cutting of large-thickness steel plates, starting cutting is more difficult, so the starting cutting should be carried out according to the following requirements; when starting to cut, the preheating flame should be large, and the edge of the workpiece should be preheated from the edge of the workpiece. When preheated to the cutting temperature, gradually turn on the cutting oxygen and tilt the cutting nozzle backward. When the edges of the parts to be cut are all cut through, increase the cutting oxygen flow and make the cutting nozzle perpendicular to the workpiece, while the cutting nozzle moves forward along the cutting line, The cutting nozzle should make a proper lateral swing, the cut has been widened, and the slag discharge is used.

During the re-cutting process, if there is an impenetrable phenomenon, stop cutting and start cutting again from the other end.

For large thickness cutting, equal pressure cutting nozzles and external mixing cutting nozzles can be used. The latter is better. Jet suction cutting nozzles are prone to tampering and are generally not suitable for use.

Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen

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