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bevel tube laser cutting machine

Bevel Tube Laser Cutter can cut metal pipes at ± 45 degrees, which is simpler than traditional cutting methods, saves one molding, does not require secondary grinding, and saves costs. It meets the problems of later workpiece groove welding.

It can cut K-shaped, X-shaped, positive Y-shaped, negative Y-shaped, A-shaped, V-shaped slopes, etc. It can also perform 90° straight cutting.


The cutting head of the bevel pipe laser cutting machine adds a swing axis to the traditional cutting head, which can reduce the number of axes of the machine tool. Compared with ordinary vertical cutting applications, it can currently process various pipes, such as round pipes, square pipes, etc. Bevel cutting is performed, and the cutting effect is better.

Oblique piercing, precise positioning after piercing, and improved cutting efficiency.

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3D Laser Cutting Head

Verification of  laser welding gun and welding position, accurate welding position and beautiful welding seam

WisCut B bevel laser cutting software

  • Flexible and highly scalable, laser cutting heads of different types and configurations can be plugged in;
  • Adopting the integrated design of AC servo harmonic reducer and AB axis rotation and swing actuator;
  • Lightweight and stable structural design;
  • High dynamic characteristics, high precision and high rigidity;

Intelligent clamping chuck system

Strong performance, fast clamping speed and good dynamics can improve material utilization and reduce material loss.


How is bevel tube laser cutting machine price

The price of a bevel pipe laser cutting machine is generally between 60,000-300,000 US dollars. Different pipe thicknesses and cutting materials have different prices. You can consult the relevant manufacturers to get the most affordable price.

Bevel Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantage

1. Angle bevel cutting, better splicing effect

When splicing and welding pipes, in order to achieve seamless jointing of the workpieces, there are certain bevel requirements for the cutting ports. The straight pipe cutting process of the traditional pipe cutting machine has problems such as large gaps, missing arcs and round pipes, etc. Subsequent splicing It is difficult to process and requires beveling again.

2. Pipe bevel cutting makes subsequent processing easier

Workpieces cut directly by traditional laser pipe cutting machines will have gaps during splicing. These gaps will cause obvious troubles to subsequent welding. They not only increase the welding workload, but also increase the difficulty of the welding process. Affect product quality.

3. Good pipe bevel cutting quality can significantly reduce labor and material costs.

The bevel cutting process of the pipe laser cutting machine can achieve zero-gap welding. In the subsequent splicing process, there is no need to process again, which reduces the process and greatly reduces the labor and material costs.

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Major projects such as railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy construction, hydropower construction, energy, mining construction, and the construction industry have a large market demand.

The enlargement of engineering machinery requires the use of higher-strength low-alloy high-strength steel structures. In order to ensure that welded joints have good toughness, welding heat must be reasonably controlled to avoid embrittlement of welded joints. Traditional thermal processing methods can no longer adapt to the current situation. For the forming of high-strength steel plates, the introduction of laser bevel cutting machines in the engineering machinery industry is a suitable choice.

china bevel tube laser cutting machine

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