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2023 Handheld Laser Welding Machine Operation Video Display

Fiber laser welding machine is a welding technology used to create a strong joint between several metal components with fiber laser. Fiber laser produces a beam of high-intensity that is concentrated into one spot. This concentrated heat source enables fine, deep welding with high welding speed.

Handheld laser welding machine welding thickness :

1. 1000w/1kw handheld laser welder can weld 0.5-2mm steel;

2. 1500w/1.5kw fiber laser welder is used to weld 0.5-3mm steel;

3. 2000w/2kw laser welder can weld 0.5-4mm steel,0.5-3mm aluminum.

The above data is based on the triangular light spot. Due to the difference of the plate and labor, please refer to the actual welding.


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