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Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Video

Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine is the CNC laser equipment of Plate & Tube Combo, can not only cut sheet metal but also cut metal pipes, one machine with two functions, and is favored by business owners in the industrial market. The following video shows you the effect of laser cutting for metal.

Laser Plate & tube Combo dual-purpose laser cutter has many technical advantages such as high configuration, high cutting efficiency, low operating cost, and stable performance.

Cuttable pipe length: 3-15 meters
Pipe cutting diameter: φ20mm-φ350mm
Maximum steel plate cutting thickness: 30mm
Laser maximum power: 30000 watts can be customized


Small footprint and easy operation
Integrating plate cutting and pipe cutting functions, it is economical and practical, and can easily meet diverse processing needs. Small footprint, less space constraints, simple operation, save worry and effort.
Strong clamping Pneumatic chuck for stable delivery of tubes
Stable clamping of square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes and various special-shaped tubes

stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine
laser cutting for stainless steel pipe

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