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What is the Disadvantages of Laser Welding

With the promotion and use of various new equipment, the processing and production fields have gradually improved the manufacturing efficiency, and the current handheld laser welding machine has been developed.

How does laser welding work

The handheld welding laser welding device is used to directly fix the laser welding device for proximity welding, It is beneficial to reduce the volume of the laser welding device, easy to operate, easy to weld, fast, and beneficial to improve the operability, through the selection and use of the handheld laser welding machine equipment, what are the actual functions disadvantages and advantages?

1000w aluminum laser welder
1000w aluminum laser welder

The laser welder in use now has the hydraulic rod frame installed on the base of the workbench, and the hydraulic rod is installed in the hydraulic rod frame. Now it solves the problem that the user must wear protective tools every time.

In order to facilitate the user’s work, the hydraulic rod provides a protective plate to solve the problem of traditional electric laser guns, where the laser welding head is easy to make mistakes to align the welding joints of the workpiece, it provides an easy heat dissipation worktable, which solves the problem of mobile heat dissipation during welding.

laser welding diagram
laser welding diagram

Disadvantages of laser welding

High equipment cost:

The price of laser welding vs tig welding is relatively higher, the investment cost is high, and the greater the power, the higher the price.

High operating environment requirements:

When operating laser welding, workers need to take safety precautions, wear goggles, protective masks, and operate according to the laser welding machine operating manual.

Difficulty to operate:

Hand-held operation requires hands to operate, which may cause arm pain if the working time is too long.

Laser welding is a precision technology that can provide business owners with a new and cost-effective welding method. Although there are still some laser welding disadvantages, such as low weld tolerances, these pros and cons of lasers can be avoided by paying attention during operation.

If you want to know more about laser welding systems, you can consult us to help you make the most correct choice.

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