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What Are the Advantages of Laser Cutting Aluminum Tube

With the rapid development of the industrial market, pipes are widely used in the industrial market, especially aluminum pipes are widely used in automobile manufacturing, aircraft production, elevator industry, advertising industry and so on.

laser cutting aluminum tube 1
laser cutting aluminum tube


High work efficiency: aluminum tube laser cutting has fast cutting speed and high precision, and can be processed in batches to save labor costs.

High precision: the cutting precision can reach 0.1mm, the cutting graphics are not limited, square tube, round tube, special-shaped tube, unlimited

Environmental protection: No harmful gas will be produced during the cutting process, which reduces waste generation and is more environmentally friendly.

Recyclable: The waste after cutting can be reprocessed and recycled to save money.


High price: aluminum tube laser cutting needs to be equipped with fiber laser, laser cutting head, cutting operation and other laser cutting components. In addition, frequent maintenance of equipment is also required. So the cost is relatively high.

Limited adaptability: the scope of use is limited, and it can only be used on high-reflective aluminum materials. When cutting aluminum tubes, the choice of laser is very important. The laser must have the ability to resist high reflection. Recommended: MAX, Raycus, RECI lasers are all available.

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