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What are The Influencing Factors of The Cutting Accuracy of The Laser Pipe Cutting Machine?

At present, more and more industries use laser pipe cutting machines when processing pipes. Laser tube cutting technology has been a particularly important technology in the processing industry. It is not only used in high-tech industries such as the automotive aviation chemical industry. And more and more are used in daily machinery manufacturing, hardware manufacturing. The laser pipe cutting machine is to irradiates the laser to the surface of the pipe to release energy so that the workpiece is melted to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving.

laser pipe cutting machine
laser pipe cutting machine

Cutting accuracy is an important factor to measure whether a laser pipe cutting machine is high-end. Then the following editor will introduce the factors that affect the machining accuracy of laser pipe cutting machines. There are several important factors that affect the machining accuracy of laser pipe cutting machines. After the laser beam is focused, the size of the light spot will affect the cutting accuracy. The smaller the light spot, the higher the cutting accuracy.

Secondly, the positioning accuracy of the worktable will also affect the processing accuracy of the product. The higher the worktable accuracy, the higher the cutting accuracy. In addition, the thickness of the raw material will also affect the accuracy of the cutting. If the thickness of the raw material is greater, the accuracy will be lower. In addition, when using the laser pipe cutting machine for processing, you must also pay attention to the processing speed. If the processing speed is too fast, it may cause the area to be unable to cut through, the entire section is thick, and the cut surface is prone to the solute. If the processing speed is too slow, it will also cause the over-capacity cutting surface to be rough, and the corners will melt, which will affect the cutting efficiency.

Therefore, when working on a laser cutting machine, we must pay attention to the speed of laser cutting, the accuracy of the worktable, and the size of the spot after the laser is focused. Pay attention to these factors in order to cut high-precision products.



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