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20kw Laser Cutting Machine Cut 40mm Stainless Steel

With the rapid development of fiber laser cutting equipment, 20kw laser cutting machine are now more and more used in the steel structure industry, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields in the market, especially suitable for cutting steel plates above 20mm, and the effect is better.

The 20000W laser cutting machine represents the latest development in laser cutting technology, revolutionizing the metalworking industry. With unparalleled power and speed, it can easily cut metal materials of various thicknesses and provide excellent cutting quality.

The following video shows the 20kw Laser Cutting Machine Cut 40mm Stainless Steel.

20kw fiber 20kw Laser Cutting Machine’s cutting capacity

20kw laser cutter’s cutting capacity in industrial applications,
Under 20mm oxygen cutting carbon steel, the cutting speed is about 1.7mm/min;
25mm oxygen carbon steel cutting speed is 1.4mm/min;
30mm oxygen carbon steel cutting speed is 1.1mm/min
The equipment runs stably.

The cutting ability of a fiber laser cutter is related to the cutting quality, environment, fiber laser power, cutting speed, etc. In addition, the auxiliary gas of laser cutting has a great influence on the thickness of the cut sheet.

20kw Laser Cutting Machine Parameter

Machine ModelSMART Pro+
Cutting Area (L×W)6100mm×2550mm
Laser Source12KW – 20KW
CNC SystemFSCUT 5000
Laser Cutting HeadBM115 F200mm Pro Cutter 2.0 F200
Max Moving Speed120m/min, Acceleration is 1.2G
Position Accuracy (X and Y axis)±0.02mm
Reposition Accuracy (X and Y axis)±0.03mm
Power Supply Requirement380V 50/60Hz 65KVA
Machine weight≤17000 Kg
Appearance size14700mm×4200mm×2440mm
laser cut carbon steel
laser cut carbon steel

How thick can a 20kw laser cutting machine cut ?

The maximum cutting thickness of 20000w laser cutting machine can reach 90 mm, and the ultra-long thick plate cutting can reach 12 meters.

20000W laser cutting machine is the future trend of the metal processing industry. It will lead the metal processing industry into a new era and provide a strong driving force for the development of the manufacturing industry.

If you are looking for a high-performance, high-efficiency laser cutting machine, Dowell laser 20000W laser cutting machine will be your best choice.



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