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13 years of manufacturing experience, exported to 80+ countries and regions, serving tens of thousands of customers, can customize OEM ODM cheap laser cleaner machine with most affordable price.

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Since 2008, DOWELL most popular professional china laser cleaning machine manufacturers, we have our own factory in Dezhou, Shandong, and have been constantly developing in laser clean machines.

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Laser cleaning systems, also known as laser cleaner, laser machine rust removal,  laser surface cleaning machine, laser paint stripper, laser derusting machine is a kind of high-tech industrial equipment that is currently used more. It uses laser to remove metal surface oxides, rust, and paint marks. No damage to the underlying material, easy to operate and easy to use.

Laser cleaners are used in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics and more. The laser cleaning process involves directing a high powered laser beam at the surface of the material to be cleaned.

What materials can lazer cleaner clean?

Lazer cleaner for metal, steel , paint removal, metal rust removal oxide painting coating, aluminum.

If you want to buy the best clean laser machine, you can consult DOWELL. Our industrial laser cleaner has been exported to Italy, Germany, South Korea, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other countries. We can also customize laser cleaning system for you. And give you Provide cheapest laser cleaner cost.

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13 Years Experience

Engaged in laser equipment production for 13 years, rich experience

Reasonable Prices

We provide customers with the most affordable laser cleaner price


We have a professional team provide professional customized services

Rapid Production

Dowell factory has complete production equipment. Fast shipping of laser rust removal

how much does a laser cleaning machine cost

At present, the handheld laser clean machine price on the market is between 6000-8000 US . The laser clean machinecost depends on laser cleaning companies the power of different machines, water cooler, cleaning head, and laser cleaning system configuration.

laser rust removal
laser weld cleaning.

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Industrial Application

Laser cleaning (laser cleaning systems, industrial laser cleaner, ) are mainly used to deal with rust, oxides, and paint marks on metal surfaces.

Manufacturing: laser for cleanings are used to remove rust, oil, grease and other contaminants from metal surfaces prior to welding, painting or coating. They are also used to clean molds, tools and parts in automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries.

Heritage Preservation: lazer cleaners are used to remove dirt, grime and other unwanted material from historical artifacts, sculptures and monuments without damaging the surface or underlying material.

Conservation and Restoration: metal cleaning systems are used to clean and restore paintings, murals and other artwork damaged by smoke, dirt or other contaminants.

provide you with laser cleaning service

If you have requirements for the power of laser cleaners for sale, you can customize 100w 200w 500w 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w to meet your customization needs

We have many years of OEM ODM experience, can meet your metal laser cleaner export needs, the company has 5 production lines, professional production testing process, to ensure the normal delivery of your machine

Strong production capacity, guarantee equipment delivery within 7 days, sea or air are all possible

Our metal laser cleaning system has operation instructions and operation videos to ensure the normal operation of the machine after you receive it

laser paint removal

Dowell best China laser cleaning machine manufacturers

Dowell China laser cleaning factory are known for their precision, efficiency and versatility. Can be used to clean a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics, and is very effective at removing rust, paint and other contaminants without damaging underlying materials.

We also have excellent customer service and support. A team of laser rust removal equipment experienced technicians provide customers with expert advice and assistance, as well as after-sales service to ensure laser machine cleanings are running at peak performance.

More handheld fiber laser cleaners

Fiber laser metal cleaner machine can not only clean metal surface rust, laser slat cleaning, steel cleaning. Widely used in shipyards, agricultural machinery manufacturing, aircraft production and other industrial equipment.

So, if you need to buy industrial laser surface cleaning online at the most reasonable cheapest price, contact DOWELL LASER today.

how to make laser derusting machine

The laser rust removal tool includes: laser rust removal gun, rust removing laser, laser cleaning system, laser parts cleaner.

Laser parts cleaner includes cleaning lens, nozzle, etc.

What types of our handheld laser cleaner for sale?

DOWELL LASER provides various types of lazer cleaners, such as portable laser for cleaning metal, fiber laser metal cleaning machine, industrial laser cleaning .

Lazer cleaner power size for sale by DOWELL:

100w laser cleaner
200w laser clean machine
500w laser cleaning
1000w clean laser machine
2000w handheld clean laser machine
3000w laser cleaning

DOWELL laser cleaning machine manufacturers also provide endless customization needs for your fiber laser metal cleaning machine.

Is thin metal on panels getting to hot and warping?

Lasers of this type will absolutely warp car panels. You need a pulsed cleaning laser for that type of work and then you still need to be careful.

is laser cleaning safe

The metal cleaning laser machine is safe when it is working, but the operator also takes certain protective measures, wear protective gloves, protective glasses, and take good protection.

If you want to know more about cleaning laser for sale, you can consult china laser cleaner factory.

Is laser rust removal harmful to the human body?

It is mainly harmful to the eyes, and the risk is controllable if it is operated properly.
The handheld cleaning laser uses a laser with a wavelength of about 1080nm, and the output radiation power is 1000-2000w

If the laser is irradiated to the eyes, it will cause irreversible damage to the retina and cornea, so be sure to wear laser protective glasses all the way when the laser is running.

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