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2513 fully enclosed metal cnc laser cutting machine 2513 fully enclosed metal cnc laser cutting machine

Flatbed laser cutting machines are used to cut flat metal materials. Mainly suitable for metal sheet cutting of small countertops, precision cutting

flatbed laser cutter description

The flatbed laser cutter is suitable for flatbed laser cutting systems, with fast cutting speed and high precision, and is suitable for metal sheet processing with small tables. It can be cut quickly, easy to install, occupies a small area, and maximizes production efficiency.

Narrow slit, small heat-affected zone, small local deformation of the workpiece, no mechanical deformation, smooth cutting surface without burrs, and can easily realize the cutting of various complex graphics

Advantages of flatbed laser cutter machine

2513 flatbed laser cutter cutting metal

How Does a 2513 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine Work

parameter configuration

Application field

Cutting carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, aluminum alloy, brass and copper and other thin metal materials.

Precision electronics industry, glasses bracket, file cabinet processing, jewelry cutting, aluminum substrate cutting in LED light strips, silicon steel sheet processing in the new energy industry, notebook back cover cooling fins, gold and silver processing

mechanical production
precision laser cutting machine cutting glasses
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A professional manufacturer of flatbed laser cutting machines in China, with a professional design and development team, can design laser cutting machines for you, provide OEM ODM services, and provide free laser cutting software for purchase

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