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Ground Rail Large Format Laser Cutting Machine

The ground rail large format laser cutter machine produced by DOWELL fiber lazer cutting machine manufacturers is suitable for large-scale panels over 10 meters and panels over 30mm thick. The use of air cuts faster, high processing efficiency, and strong stability, which improves work efficiency.

ground track scale large laser cutter

Super large format laser cutter Introduction

Dowell ultra format ground rail large laser cutting mahine (floor rail laser cutter machine) is mainly used to cut steel plates above 20mm, meeting large-scale plate cutting, especially metal plates over 10 meters, mainly used to replace plasma cutting machines, meeting steel structures, Ship heavy industry, the use of mining machinery.

Laser power: 6000W~60000W customizable large format laser cutting machine

Revolutionizing large bed laser cutter

Dowell Laser’s 14-meter ultra-large-format laser cutting machine features a spacious work area that accommodates oversized materials, allowing you to tackle large projects with ease. Its ultra-wide format offers unrivaled versatility, making it ideal for industries such as shipbuilding, construction, aerospace and automotive, where precision and efficiency are critical.

large format fiber laser cutting machine
12m14m24m open Ground Rail Large Format Laser Cutting Machine

The ground rail open-type large-format laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting thick plates over 25mm, saving time on manual loading and improving efficiency.

Large format enclosed laser cutting machine

Large format fully enclosed laser cutting equipment, 24m, including 2 work surfaces, interactive working, saving capital costs

large laser cutter machine features

ground rail laser cutting equipment Parameters

Take the 13025 ground track type large bed laser cutter as an example,Customizable X-axis: 12-36m Customizable Y-axis: 2-5m

Ground rail laser cut machining composition

Mortise and Tenon Welding Bed Structure

Ground track split bed, annealing to eliminate internal stress, secondary aging treatment, high bed stability, no heat or deformation of the track during cutting

Laser Device

Good spot quality, network cable control, simple wiring, fast and stable signal transmission, anti-interference.

Laser CNC Cutting System

EtherCAT bus control, closed-loop control, support real-time editing of drawings

Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head

Integrated structure, easy installation; double water cooling design, good heat dissipation, stable light output.raytools cutting head or BLT420 Laser optional

Cast aluminum beam

Integral aluminum casting process, good integrity, failure effect, remove internal stress, ensure no deformation, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance

Servo Motor(X/Y/Z Axis)

Integrated structure, easy installation; double water cooling design, good heat dissipation, stable light output

Large format ground rail laser cut machines cutting sheet metal

DOWELL wide large format laser cutter manufacturer produced metal laser cutter is mainly used to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, red copper, pickling plate, galvanized plate, silicon steel plate, electrolytic plate, titanium alloy, manganese alloy above 12mm;

50mm carbon steel
20mm carbon steel
carbon steel
35mm carbon steel
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ground rail large format laser cutter equipment Application industry

The large format ground rail laser cutter machines is mainly used in: ship heavy industry, power tower, petrochemical industry, bridge construction, construction machinery, fan manufacturing, mining machinery, steel structure tower engineering and other industries.

How much does a large scale laser cutter price

The price of fiber laser cutting machine varies from laser plate cutting machine suppliers’ brand awareness, product configuration, laser cutting machine dimensions, large size, and capacity, resulting in the price of large bed laser cutter ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
If you want to know the specific large format laser cutter cost, you can consult steel plate cutting machine manufacturers, suppliers or exporters to get the latest laser cutting price list.

About dowell laser machine

You can revolutionize your industry with large scale laser cutters. Its massive size, incredible cutting speed and impeccable precision allow you to tackle complex projects with confidence and efficiency. Whether you’re fabricating industrial parts, creating large-scale artwork, or producing architectural components, this cutting-edge machine is your gateway to unparalleled productivity and superior results. Welcome to the future of dowell laser cutting!

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